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Top 10 Pins That Moms Love

February 27, 2013 · in Content Marketing

Pinterest, now the 3rd most popular social media site, has become the go-to place for moms looking for inspiration, ideas, and trustworthy product recommendations. Moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than other Americans.

Successfully using Pinterest requires more than just pinning your brand’s own products however—moms see through the overt marketing and are looking for fresh, engaging content that helps them solve a real problem. Knowing what categories are most popular on Pinterest will enable you to better focus your brand’s strategy and see how to utilize categories that at first glance may seem hard to incorporate into your brand.

Check out how a mom-focused brand, such as a toy company, can make the most of the top 10 most popular categories on Pinterest:

top DIY pin on pinterest1)    Home

The most popular category on Pinterest is Home. Moms are constantly pinning and repinning inspiration for their current or, more frequently, future homes. While a totally redesigned home may be out of reach for many, moms can incorporate a few ideas that they pin into their current home for a breath of fresh air. A toy company can get in on the action by pinning ideas for a playroom or toy organization.

2)    DIY & Crafts

Regardless of the product or service your mom-focused brand provides, your Pinterest followers will love to see DIY projects and crafts. Simple yet beautiful projects are the most popular and pinning these images will show moms that your brand understands what they are looking for on Pinterest. You can even challenge your followers to turn inspiration into action by submitting photos of their completed projects.

3)    Woman’s Fashion

This category can be tricky to incorporate into a brand’s page that does not sell clothing or accessories; however, it is not impossible. Many of the most popular pins in this category are collages which show a complete outfit. Curating content that provides value and aesthetic appeal is key, so pin examples of easy-to-put-together looks that an on-the-go mom can enjoy. 

top recipe pin on pinterest4)    Food

Moms are often in charge of cooking and baking for their families, and Pinterest has provided a nearly endless online recipe book.  How could a toy company make recipes relevant? There are several ways such as making a board for crock pot recipes that allow moms more playtime with their kids, pinning food images that fit into the color scheme of a popular toy, offering birthday cake advice, or simply curating pins of ways to make fruits and veggies more appealing—content that any mom would value.

5)    Education

If your company sells educational toys or games, this is an appropriate category to include your own products as pins.  However, you never want to create a board that is solely self-promoting. Educational materials for teachers and moms are popular pins, as well as how-to guides. Your brand could provide creative, new content by uploading instructions for how to fix a toy, like this pin on how to glue anything back together, or providing the owner’s manual. Make it a pleasing visual by designing a cute graphic.

6)    Holidays

Get in on the holiday spirit by creating boards corresponding to each big day. For example, an Easter-themed board could include some of a toy company’s merchandise as well as content like how to create themed Easter baskets their kids will love. Timing is very important for this category, as moms will begin searching for relevant content 1-2 months before the holiday.

7)    Humor

Everyone needs a laugh and many moms look for humor-themed pins as Pinterest is their daily escape. Make your followers smile by pinning humorous pictures or quotes—just be sure that the content is tasteful and appeals to your primary audience: moms. 

top product pin on pinterest

8)    Products

The product category is the perfect place to market your own goods and services. Pinterest has a great feature that automatically places a “price tag” over the image when the $ sign is in the pin description. Surveys show including the price is 36% more effective in getting a Like. Get your followers excited by creating boards such as “Spring 2013 New Toys” or even showing off images of toys that are still in development. Make your followers feel valued and appreciated with exclusive content.

9)    Travel

There are several directions a mom-focused brand can take within the category of travel. Create boards focused on moms-only getaways that are easy to plan and can be done on a low budget. Pin tips for moms to stay sane on road trips, including toys you sell that can be used as backseat entertainment. Repin infographics with tips on how to make getting through the airport with kids a smoother process. Create a board filled with kid-friendly travel destinations. Any or a combination of these ideas will provide useful content to moms that in turn improves your brand’s image and trustworthiness.

10) Kids

Due to the high presence of moms on Pinterest, it’s logical that kid-related pins are one of the most popular categories. Use this category to pin and repin content that doesn’t fit into your other boards, like ideas for family fun nights that can utilize your products or parenting advice. For example, Fisher-Price has a board devoted to rainy day ideas. Your brand should follow mommy bloggers to find great sources of content.

kids pinterest category top pin

Fisher-Price's Pinterest board for rainy day activities for the kids.

The power of Pinterest is undeniable and your brand should not hesitate to join. Pay attention to popular categories in order to make your pins count, gain more followers, and create connections between moms and your brand. For more information on how moms use Pinterest and how brands can build their presence, check out our white paper How Pinterest is Changing Purchase Behavior of Moms Who Plan Celebrations.