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11 Ways to Engage Moms on Pinterest

July 02, 2013 · in Content Marketing

The popularity of Pinterest, especially among moms, is fabulous news for brand marketers. Users, not brands, generate 70% of the brand engagement on Pinterest and Moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American. However, it’s not always easy for brands to engage with moms on Pinterest without coming across as too promotional. To help brands reach a level of genuine engagement with this valuable audience, we compiled a list of 11 ways for brands to engage with moms on Pinterest:

pinterest marketing1) Know the Topics Moms Love: To better focus your brand’s strategy and engage moms, pin what moms genuinely care about; home decor, women’s fashion, DIY & crafts, and kids. These are several of the top trending topics that moms love and pin about more frequently. 43% of Pinterest users are more likely to say they use the site to engage with retailers or brands they identify with so give moms the content we know they love.

2) Viral Visuals: You want your brand to grab moms’ attention instantly. The best way is through stellar images because 44% of people are engaged in social media through pictures, not words. Pins only have a few seconds to grab moms’ attention before they keep scrolling, so make an impression. Also, keep your visuals fresh. Frequently check and update your Pinterest page. Moms continue to use Pinterest daily and you don’t want to turn away users because they stare at the same images every time they visit your brand’s boards.

3) Give Valuable Information: Moms go to Pinterest for solutions and inspiration, so help solve her problems and inspire her.  New moms for example, go to Pinterest for tricks of the trade when it comes to parenting. Whether solutions are geared toward recipes for a specific themed party, tips to decorate a nursery, or great baby shower favors, pin creatively. Do so in a way that inspires them to purchase products or complete DIY activities. Provide your mom followers with credible and valuable information that they’ll appreciate. This gives them an incentive to return to your brand’s Pinterest page.

4) Include a Variety of Pins: A simple way for brands to turn off users is to only pin their own products. To avoid being excessively promotional, mix up your boards and pin from a variety of related sites and blogs. This simple act provides moms with a variety of information, inspiration, and ideas about the subject she’s searching. Save the promotional pinning for your brand’s product board.

5) Watch the Clock: Timing is especially important around holidays, when many moms look for seasonal content, like recipes, decorations, and gift ideas. Create specific holiday boards that include children’s gift ideas, recipes, and DIY crafts like Easter Baskets.

pinterest marketing

6) Keep Captions Concise: Moms turn to Pinterest to avoid the constant status updates and plethora of unorganized information that they usually get from Facebook. As a result, Moms don’t want to read long captions. Your pins’ captions should be concise and accompanied by a relevant link to either your page or the webpage where you found the image or information.

7) Have a Focus: Your brand’s boards should each have a clear vision, subject area, and target audience (such as, moms who want to decorate with luxury brands vs. moms who want DIY home decor tips). Break down your brand’s subject area and focus on a fun detail, like Benjamin Moore’s “Door!” Board. By organizing your Pinterest page this way moms won’t get flustered by jumbled ideas and pins, and they’ll engage with your boards more frequently.

pinterest marketing8) Include Prices: If your brand pins a product that can be bought online, include the pricing information on either the image or in the pin caption. People are 36% more likely to like a pin that includes a price. This not only increases your brand’s board engagement but moms appreciate this gesture because they don’t have to do additional work to search for the price.

9) Tell Your Story: Create a board about your company’s Pinterest story. Turn your boards in narratives and share images from behind the scenes company activity. Pin images about how your products are made and how that makes them unique. If your brand sells a service, let your boards tell why you do what you do. Most importantly, tell your customers how to get involved with your story. This is perfect for brands who support a cause or volunteer in the community. Give your followers a reason to identify with your brand and engage more.

10) Have Fun: Your brand shouldn’t be afraid to have fun and express a personality on your boards. Depending on your brand you might want to keep your pins more professional, even so brands can make moms laugh with a mom-targeted humor board that they can relate to.  The Stir, CafeMom blog’s Pinterest page “LOL for Moms” board features hilarious kids quotes and relatable mother experiences that engage mothers of all ages. Find images and videos that relate to your brand and the hilarious struggles of parents, like the hardships of potty training for a diaper brand’s board.

11) Plan a Contest: Pinterest contests are growing among followers. Parago, Inc. found that, 57% of people participate in a social media contest to receive an exclusive rebate. This is a great way moms can redeem coupons or enter in sweepstakes and it helps build engagement with the brand.

Pinterest is a crowded space with many moms using the site on a daily basis. However, it takes creativity and time for brands to effectively engage moms on Pinterest. For more strategies on how to engage moms through marketing, download the free Content Marketing white paper.

Posted by Chelsea Amaral

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