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15 Consumer Trends that Impact Marketing to Moms

March 29, 2013 · in Content Marketing

Understanding the latest in consumer trends is crucial to successfully forming your brand’s marketing strategy. Brands that listen to their customer’s problems and priorities are able to provide real solutions and create valuable connections. We explored the most powerful and relevant trends for 2013 in the white paper, “15 Consumer Trends That Impact Marketing to Moms.” Here is a look at three of those trends:

Emphasis on Value

In 2013, moms will be willing to pay more for safer products and nutritious foods for their families, but only when brands clearly state that additional value up front. 40% of moms think about the long-term effects of the products they purchase on their children. As a consumer brand, craft a clear, straightforward message that shows the value of your product. As you do, keep in mind mom’s highest ideals: budget-friendly, high quality, and convenience.

Exclusive Brand Experiences

top consumer trendsWith an overwhelming number of products in stores and online, it can be tricky to get mom’s attention. Give her a unique experience that only your brand can offer, whether it’s a special promotion, benefit just for moms, or early access to a new product. Bauble Bar does this with their “Buried Bauble” each Friday where consumers search for a ‘buried’ product on the site that is being offered at a discount price for a limited time. This creates a sense of urgency that gets consumers on the site, and while they search, they might find other items they want to purchase.

Multiple Screens

Consumers are no longer satisfied with just one screen. 90% of consumers move sequentially between screens during the day and 77% of TV viewers use another device at the same time, making it necessary for your brand to engage them on mobile. As a brand, reference your website or social media pages in TV ads (50% of ads that run during the Super Bowl included a hashtag on screen), promote your mobile apps through email marketing, and consider a responsive layout that ensures a consistent user experience across all devices.

  top consumer trends  

When companies understand the latest consumer trends, they are better equipped to successfully market their brand, products, and services. Read about 12 other hot trends in the white paper, “15 Consumer Trends That Impact Marketing to Moms."

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