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How Brands Can Help Moms Put Family First

March 17, 2014 · in Content Marketing

moms brands put family first

The role of Household CEO is not an easy job. Moms and families are busy, and often have little quality time to spend together. Real “family time” is often a luxury, instead of a daily occurrence.

According to a recent study, 84% of moms believe that time spent to plan family activities is worthwhile as long as it leads to a special, memorable moment. This is an important stat for brands to know, as it relates to family activities, celebrations, and party planning.

Moms’ love of memorable family moments and celebrations provides an opportunity for brands. They are able to leverage their products and brand power – and help mom find time for those special family moments.

Here are a few ways that brands can help moms put these family moments first:

  1. Provide advice and inspiration: Brands can capitalize on the importance of special moments to moms. They can provide solutions, advice, and ideas to help create more quality family time – as well as increase their brand presence within this space. Moms turn to technology first, as 69% of moms use search engines before anything else when they conduct research on family activities. Provide family activity inspiration to connect with moms on an emotional level, which will help her to keep your brand in mind when it’s time to shop.
  2. Leverage technology: Discover new ways that moms can use technology to create meaningful family moments. 71% of global moms say their family engages with technology together on a daily basis. The fact that technology can be a shared experience can be of great value to brands.  

    Brands that offer useful apps or online games that families can use together may be able to win over more moms. These moms are constantly on their smartphones and tablets – help them to combine some of the time spent on these devices with time spent with family. For example, Kraft designed the iPad app, Big Fork Little Fork, to encourage the whole family to cook, eat, and live well together. They provide recipes, videos, and educational games through their app that encourages kids to help mom cook the family dinner. Moms will appreciate this increase in interactive technology, and will continue to look to these brands for new tech solutions.

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  3. Start new rituals, glorify routines, and adapt traditions: A study performed by Yahoo! and Starcom MediaVest Group suggests these three ideas to help brands leverage moms’ need for family time. Discover ways to turn routines into positive family time, and change moms’ moods and the way she interacts with her family. Moms can try new methods to elevate the meaning of daily routines – and turn them into something more. Brands that develop new rituals for families can be a part of moms’ lives in a meaningful way. Moms are looking for engaging activities that they can turn to on a daily basis.

    Help moms discover these rituals to quickly make her a loyal customer. For instance, a brand could transform the chore of laundry time into a shared, bonding activity between parent and child. If a brand can turn a mundane household task into a learning experience that teaches responsibility and process, they’ve won with moms. Brands can also turn traditions into more modern experiences. Birthday parties and holidays can also be given a modern twist by a brand – making the old new again.

Brands have a great opportunity to be a part of these “family first” ideals. Whether they turn to-do lists into memorable family moments or dinner time into bonding time, moms will take notice. Brands must show moms that useful information and advice, technology, and simple daily tasks can be extremely useful in helping to memorable family moments. To learn about other consumer trends that will impact brands' marketing to moms, download our free white paper.


Posted by Carly Botelho

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