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5 Top Facebook Contests for Moms This Year (So Far)

June 01, 2020 · in Content Marketing

With a growing number of moms on social media – especially on Facebook – contests are an effective marketing strategy for brands to increase awareness, gain fans, and boost engagement. Moms are a successful target audience for Facebook contests, as this group is two times more likely than the average adult to be active on social media multiple times a day. On average, moms who use Facebook visit the site about 7.4 times per day.

There are many different ways to run a successful Facebook contest, and it all depends on what’s best for your brand and its goals. Facebook contests are an effective way to engage your Facebook followers and gain fans – in fact, 35% of Facebook users will like a page in order to participate in a contest.

Here are 5 of our favorite Facebook contests for moms so far this year:

1. Boppy® Design Challenge: Boppy successfully targeted savvy moms with a contest asking them to design the next patterned Boppy Slipcover. Moms were motivated to participate because the prizes were significant – two winners would work with Boppy to design a new Slipcover, receive $1,000, and be able to see their very own designs in Target stores with their name and picture on the Slipcover package. Votes on Boppy’s Facebook page would determine the winners, which prompted even more engagement between brand and consumer. Moms on Facebook love a contest where they feel that their entry has a direct impact on the brand.

boppy design contest

2. White Cloud Kruger 2015 Children’s Miracle Network Sweepstakes: Moms can’t resist a contest that gives them the chance to win a great prize – especially when it also benefits a deserving charity. The White Cloud Video Contest successfully reached moms as it pulled on their heartstrings with an emotional message to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. By simply watching short videos and then voting, moms could help a children’s hospital win $30,000 and were also entered to win a prize. A well thought out contest with a charity element is an effective marketing strategy, as most moms have a strong altruistic side – especially when it benefits children.

white cloud contest

3. Neutrogena’s Summer of Splash Contest: Facebook photo contests are especially appealing to moms who often love to show off photos of their children. In Neutrogena’s Summer of Splash Contest, moms could upload a photo of their kids having fun at the beach or pool to enter to win $2,500. Photo contests are one of the most popular and engaging type of Facebook contests, as photos receive 54% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs than any other post. This contest was an effective way to reach Millennial Moms, as it allowed them to share their favorite summer photos – something they most likely would have done even without the contest. It successfully tapped into the natural behavior of most moms on Facebook.

4. #tbtWalgreens: Walgreens knew how to effectively reach moms as it asked them to “bring on the nostalgia!”. It asked participants to share “throwback” photos of their favorite graduate and use the hashtag #tbtWalgreens. Participants (mostly moms) entered to win weekly prizes and a larger grand prize, which helped keep up the contest’s momentum. Marketing which leverages emotion and nostalgia can be a powerful marketing tool to reach moms on social media. It resonates with this target audience of moms, especially when supported by an engaging element such as the popular #TBT (Throw back Thursday) and #FBF (Flashback Friday) hashtags.

walgreens contest

5. Juicy Juice Mom Knows Best Giveaway: Juicy Juice attracted the attention of moms with this contest which encouraged the hashtag #momsknow. Moms are quick to share parenting advice, stories, and thoughts, as well as read what other moms are saying. This contest asked moms to comment on fill-in-the-blank statements involving their lives and children, which entered them to win weekly prizes from their favorite family-friendly brands. A fill-in-the blank contest can be an effective content marketing tool to target moms because it’s simple, but still can receive a lot of engagement. Remember – moms are busy, and contests that are easy to enter may result in a higher number of entries.

Key takeaways: When planning out a Facebook contest, choose a compelling prize, whether it’s weekly prizes, a grand prize, or a combination of the two. Think through what type of contest is best for your brand to reach your target audience. Simplicity is key – as is a memorable title or hashtag. To learn more about how to reach moms, download our free white paper



Posted by Amie Reardon


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