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How to Connect with Mom on Twitter

February 07, 2013 · in Content Marketing

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As moms become more mobile and continue to engage with social media, there is a clear opportunity for brands to connect with moms on Twitter.  However, moms may use Twitter differently than the average user and it is important for your brand to strategize accordingly.  The following tips will enable your brand to effectively connect with moms on Twitter:

  • Watch the Clock: Moms are most active on Twitter between 12pm and 3pm: 30.5% are tweeting and 24.8% are reading others’ tweets most during those hours.  Your brand can maximize your Twitter account by tweeting during these peaks hours.  This is especially important if you have limited resources to devote to your Twitter presence—every tweet counts.

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  • Capitalize on Trends: You can expand your presence on Twitter by using trending hashtags.  Though not all will be appropriate, keep your eye on the Trends box on the left side of your screen.  When you see a relevant hashtag trending, include it in your tweets.  This greatly increases your chances of being retweeted or having your tweets seen by new potential followers/customers.
  • Provide Information: The most popular reason, at 43.2%, for moms to tweet is to share information about products—with other moms.  63% of moms on Twitter read others’ tweets to get information about products for themselves and their kids.  Identify what your followers will find useful, like how Whole Foods Market (over 3 million followers) tweets healthy, tasty recipes and cooking tips.
  • Don’t Solely Self-Promote: Tweeting about your brand’s products should, of course, be part of your Twitter strategy.  However, mix up the conversation by including other relevant content such as news about your business and industry, upcoming events or tradeshows, and advice related to your brand or industry.  If moms feel that you are a trusted resource or an expert in your field, they are much more likely to retweet or recommend your brand to their followers—other moms.  For example, Delta Airlines frequently tweets about great destinations and sightseeing stops, appealing to their customers who love to travel, in addition to tweets about airline news and Delta improvements.
  • Actively Engage: Twitter provides your brand the opportunity to interact with your most loyal, faithful customers—these are the ones who will follow you initially—and they can be mobilized to publicize your brand. 73.1% of moms have actually purchased a product as a result of another mom’s Twitter recommendation.  Tweets drive sales and empower your brand. Moms also tweet frequently, with the highest percentage of moms (36.3%) tweeting 10-20 times per day.  It is important to check your @replies several times a day and respond promptly to customers’ questions.  Doing so overtime will grow your social reputation.
  • Respond to Criticism:  If moms have an issue with your product, they won’t hesitate to tweet about it and share their experiences with others.  If your brand isn’t active on Twitter, you have no way to control this conversation.  Responding to customers’ issues or complaints is also an easy way to turn an unsatisfied customer into a lifelong fan, as a tweet reply shows your brand truly cares about them and wants to solve their problems.  Prove that you are listening to what your customers have to say.  A great success story is Comcast, who created a handle solely for customer service issues: Comcast Cares. The account replies promptly and directly to customers who tweet any problems, serving the dual purpose of addressing specific customer issues as well as creating free publicity for Comcast.

comcast cares twitter profile

Comcast dedicates a Twitter account soley to customer service. 

  • Reward Your Followers: 78.2% of moms said they follow companies that interest them and 95.7% of these moms follow them in order to find out about new products, discounts, and coupons.  These results show that your brand should not hesitate to tweet frequently, share information, and offer incentives to follow you such as tweeting exclusive discount codes.
  • Create Connections: 67.5% of moms read others’ tweets to interact with other moms.  If your brand can share information about your product while giving moms the chance to connect with each other, the benefits are significant.  Following back moms who follow your brand will make them feel important and more closely connected with your brand.
  • Proofread: There is no un-tweet option on Twitter.  Once you hit tweet, the message is there for all of your followers to see.  This means it is essential to reread and edit your tweets before sending.  Check for spelling or grammatical errors and ensure that your tone and message is clear, concise, and consistent with your brand’s image.

This data emphasizes how important it is for mom-focused brands to have a strong Twitter presence.  When used correctly, Twitter is a great platform for interacting with moms and publicizing your brand.  For more information on effectively using Twitter to connect with moms, check out our white paper How to Use Twitter to Reach Moms Who Plan Parties