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5 Things Moms Want to Stop Hearing From Brands

October 15, 2014 · in Content Marketing

things moms want to stop hearing from brands

For decades, brands have grouped moms together as a single target audience and have assumed that they all think the same way, feel the same way and go through the same things. In today’s society, this is simply not the case. Moms want to stop being generalized by brands and advertisers, and instead be thought of as having unique perspectives, experiences, likes and dislikes. These unique differences identify them as both a person and a mom, not just as a potential target audience. 

Here are 5 things moms want to stop hearing from brands:

  1. We love pink: Moms are a lot more diverse than a single color palette. Don’t use one color (or approach) to reach every mom in your target audience. If moms like your message and/or product, it doesn’t have to be pink to get their attention. Ask yourself if yours is a product or service that meets moms’ needs before all else.
  2. We're overly emotional: Emotional advertising can be very effective, but moms don’t want it to be the only advertising they see. Find ways to engage moms with messaging that is more relevant and useful to your specific audience. In some cases your audience may be more receptive to humor or wit. In others you may opt to use a more factual approach. The key is to find what resonates with your specific segment of the much wider mom demographic.
  3. We run the household: Today, 72% of moms are working moms, so it’s a large misconception by advertisers that stay-at-home moms rule the house. While many moms do manage day-to-day tasks and major household decisions, running a household is a joint effort for a family. Brand messages should adapt to fit this growing trend of a shared head of household and consider how the message changes as it relates to marketing to moms.
  4. We all have the same style: Many companies have a stereotype of what moms look like today. We see it all the time in tv commercials and print ads. Moms of all ages and life stages have a unique sense of style that shouldn’t be ignored. Avoid the pitfall of the stereotypical “mom look” – do your research and embrace the individual style of your target mom.
  5. We’re “Know-It-Alls”: When it comes to making purchases for their families, many moms today rely heavily on opinions and advice from their peers. In fact, nearly 84% seek out these recommendations online. Brands should understand that moms value the opinions of other moms, and are not going to be an advocate for your brand without doing their homework first. Reviews are right at their fingertips, so it’s important to understand how fast word-of-mouth feedback can travel.

Bottom line: Moms as a demographic represent a significant target audience. Push your brand to hone in on which specific segment really matters to your brand. Who is the desired audience for your product or service? Narrow the audience as much as you can – by age, number of kids, education, location, interests and any other relevant demographic information. Then, delve even deeper. Build out profiles of your target customer to better figure out messages that resonate and the best ways to reach them.

With nearly 9 million millennial moms in the US population today, there is a huge opportunity that your brand could be missing out on if it’s not using the most effective approach. Brands are much more likely to get moms’ attention if they can truly relate to your messaging and purpose. To learn more about consumer trends that impact marketing to moms, download our free white paper.




Posted by Amie Reardon

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