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Top 5 Qualities Moms Want in Mobile & Tablet Apps

May 09, 2013 · in Content Marketing

Moms are more likely than the general population to own a both a smartphone and a tablet. In 2012, 61% of moms owned smartphones compared to 44% of total consumers, and 22% of moms owned a tablet compared to 16% of other Americans. Moms love to use those devices to download apps that save them time and money.

While tech-savvy moms abound these days, this does not mean they are easy to please. Moms expect brands to deliver apps that improve their lives and are user-friendly. It’s important for marketers to understand what moms want before developing or updating an app because development is costly and time consuming. Here are the top five qualities that moms want in the apps they use:

Smart Push

It’s critical that the notifications a consumer receives from your app prove to be useful, and not annoying. Consumers will not hesitate to delete an app that sends too many annoying notifications, even if the app itself is useful and well-designed. The Walgreens app has many features, but one of the most used is the ability for users to set up reminders for when to take their medication and when they will need to refill their prescription. These notifications provide real, tangible value to the user and are a great example of a brand using smart push.

target app local contextLocal Context

Digital moms are always on-the-go and love apps that can help them right here, right now. Target’s app enhances a consumer’s in-store shopping experiences with features like mobile coupons, a barcode scanner to price check, and a list maker. It also connects automatically to free wi-fi while in the store, encouraging use of the app without fear of data charges.

Integrated eCommerce

Many smartphone or tablet using consumers still rely on computers to make their final purchases, but tablet-based e-commerce is growing in popularity.  Your brand will want to support an easy to navigate, user-friendly commerce engine. Toys R Us did this and supported their general store app with the launch of a simple, useful gift guide app.

Social Integration

Moms that use smartphones and tablets are also very active on social media. They frequently engage with brands and create communities to connect with family and friends. In fact, 44% of moms  with young children have made a purchase due to a friend liking or posting about the brand on a social network. Apps that utilize this craving for social interaction are well-received. ZipList, a shopping list app with a wide variety of specialized features, allows users to share interactive lists with family members. The app was recognized by Parenting Magazine as one of the best free apps for moms.

kraft appClear Value 

Whether the app is free or paid for, moms need to see the real value that they will get from your app before they download. How will your app make their life easier, give them more free time, or cross things off of their to-do list? Kraft Foods’ iFood Assistant app offers coupons, a store locator, and the ability to find and save recipes. Users can also add all of the ingredients needed for that recipe to their shopping list. The use of this app appeals to mom because it synchronizes and simplifies meal planning and prepping experience.

The popularity of apps, especially among moms, is clear. However, the market is jam packed with apps that try to cater to moms’ needs—brands realize that moms have an incredible amount of buying power. In order to stand out from the competition, your brand’s app needs to offer the features that moms demand. To learn more about tablets, apps, and moms, download the free white paper on moms and mobile

Posted by Lauren Murphy

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