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4 Ways to Spot a Mom-fluencer and How to Win Her Over

January 06, 2014 · in Content Marketing

Mom Shopping on Tablet


Today’s 21st century mom or “mom-fluencer” is like the 90’s soccer mom on steroids. Technology has allowed her to do more, learn more, and communicate more with her family and like-minded moms. In many ways, smartphones have helped mom-fluencers become better parents; she’s both more productive and more knowledgeable.

Three out of 4 women identify themselves as their households’ primary shoppers including purchases for cars to health care to the weekly groceries. Moms take their role as primary purchaser very seriously and do most of their homework, via social media, before they make the purchase. How can brands maximize their standing with moms in social media? Understand what makes them tick and build a genuine brand that meets their needs. Here are some tips to help brands identify this powerful audience: 

  1. She researches online. By far one of the most active demographics online are moms. Moms are 20% more likely to use social media than the average person. They spend a lot of time on Facebook, and on average have more than 200 friends. But they also use other networks; about a quarter of Internet moms use Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Brands who can create strong messages that cross social networks will succeed in building a loyalty amongst moms.
  2. She multitasks digitally. At home, at work, in the car – moms are constantly on the go, which requires their online life to synch with their offline one.  According to a survey from Mindhsare/Ogilvy & Mather, 58% of moms would toss a TV if they had to get rid of one digital device (only 11% would ditch their laptops). More than a third of moms did more than half of their shopping via mobile in 2012. Mom-fluencers use several digital devices and don’t have time for compatibility issues. Make sure your brand is available on mobile, and that your emails & website are accessible from many devices.
  3. She puts her family first. Moms take their purchasing power very seriously and are always on the lookout for quality in the products they purchase and in the company they choose to do business with. Thirty-seven percent are more likely to pay attention to brands that are committed to environmental causes, while 25% of all products in a woman’s shopping cart nowadays are environmentally friendly, according to She-conomy. Brands must be open about their values and focus on the quality of their products and content marketing.
  4. She is a community leader. Moms are the first ones to connect with like-minded family & friends online. One in 5 of these moms expects a high level of social media engagement from their friends and family. They are more likely to leave comments and ratings as well as refer to them. Additionally, 56% of online moms share coupons with their networks.   

Moms have always been savvy consumers. They make sure to get the best bang for their buck and the best quality. The impressive amount of information and community available on the Internet makes them more powerful purchasers than ever. Moms can get the facts quickly and easily from other trusted moms and sources. Brands that lead the charge with genuine online engagement will succeed in developing lasting relationships with this audience.

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Posted by Carrie Nash