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6 Brands That Rock Pinterest For Moms (and How They Rock)

June 24, 2013 · in Content Marketing

pinterest marketingFrom products that ensure her kids’ safety to easy fitness tips and DIY crafts, Moms are always on the hunt for ideas and advice. Moms certainly seek information on search engines but now more than ever, they turn to social media. Because of this, Pinterest is now an integral part of Moms’ lives and where they turn to fatten their recipe books and boost their housekeeping skills. In fact, Nielsen found that moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest compared to the average American.

We scrolled through countless Pinterest boards and mommy-blogs to find the best mom-focused Pinterest boards based on followers, content, engagement, and buzz. Here is a look at six of our favorites and why those brands are doing it well:

1) Michaels Stores’ Pinterest page supplies a number of boards that show off easy DIY crafts. One board that particularly sticks out is Projects for Kids & Parents, which shows a number of projects that won’t make a mess and most importantly, that moms and dads can enjoy making with their kids. A majority of the pins on this board come from their own website and are creative, budget-saving, and will keep kids busy for hours during rain or shine. Most importantly this board shows how Michaels uses links. Each pin includes a link that mom can click to retrieve DIY instructions. The use of relevant links on Pinterest brings traffic to a brand’s site, increases brand awareness, and makes it easy for followers to purchase materials.

2) A recent survey of event hosts by Punchbowl found that 83% of people look for recipe ideas online. Whole Foods’ Pinterest boards take advtange of this demand. A majority their boards include recipes and home decor but their Eat Your Veggies board stood out to us because of the use of verticle images. Vertical images appear larger on the site and make the pin more visible, making a customer more likely to see it, click it, and repin it. Many recipes featured on this board aren’t what one would expect, and that makes them that much more unique and moms are much more eager to try.

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3) Pottery Barn’s Pinterest page is impressive. The Colors of Summer board uses impeccable visuals. Not one of the images is bland or boring; each makes the consumer wish she was lounging on that couch or sipping on the pictured pink lemonade. Pottery Barn effectively shows consumers how home decor is done and that luxury is not to be sacrificed in any home or outdoor oasis.

4) Target’s brand is geared toward Moms because their products are affordable and of great quality. Target’s Get Moving! board is perfect for Moms and includes amazing kick-your-butt pins that feature the best workouts to keep moms in shape and looking better than ever. Target also understands that Moms are busy and need stress-free and shorter exercises, which they show through their ‘Workouts of the World’s Busiest Women’ pin. This board also stood out to us because the brand varied its pin selection; Target doesn’t pin only their own products but from a variety of sources to create an essence for their brand. The board includes everything from workout clothes, to healthy recipes, to inspirational quotes that will keep Mom feeling happy and healthy.

5) Cool Mom Picks' boards are full of buzz. The boards include the coolest gifts, gear, design, and trends and have been featured in major TV and digital media. Cool Mom Picks combine brilliant ideas from mommy-driven publications and delivers them to moms across the world through their boards. We loved the Parent’s Lifesavers board that includes 117 genius apps and smart ideas that make life as a parent a whole lot easier.  

6) Lego is widely popular among girls and boys and their Pinterest page exemplifies why with boards such as Build It Yourself, Fancy Dress, and Party Pieces. Lego not only inspires kids but their moms too. Lego’s Pinterest board, Lego Duplo shows why moms love and respect the brand. Lego created their Duplo brand for preschoolers, as the toys are a safer option than regular sized Legos but don’t hinder kids’ imaginations. We specifically liked this board because the brand used specific keywords in their pin descriptions that allow for greater SEO and higher page rankings on search engines. 

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Being a pretty Pinterest board is not difficult, but consistently providing engaging content that attracts moms can be. To learn more about how moms use social media and technology, download the white paper, “Moms & Digital: 20 Stats About Tech-Loving Mamas.

Posted by Cheslea Amaral 

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