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The Fastest Way To Lose Moms’ Loyalty

April 07, 2014 · in Content Marketing

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In a previous blog post, we discussed how brands can earn and keep moms trust. It takes a lot of effort and time to gain moms’ trust, but only seconds to lose it. If marketers make too many missteps as they market to moms, they could easily lose a loyal consumer. Once a brand gains moms’ trust, it must work even harder to maintain it.

Take heed of these 7 mistakes that can quickly dissolve consumer trust:

  1. Provide poor customer service: Moms are busy. If they have an issue that needs attention, they want a quick and easy solution – not to call and be put on hold or send an email that gets no reply. Instead provide reliable phone support, online chat options, email responses, and answers to social media posts. This level of support will ensure consumers will return the next time they need your product or service, as they know they’ll receive excellent customer care.
  2. Over advertise: Moms do not want to be bombarded with advertisements and meaningless offers. An over-saturated brand can lead to distrust and annoyance. Be tactful with where and how you advertise. Moms want to see ads at the right place and the right time, instead of being subjected to the same exact imagery and messaging across all channels. Vary messaging and approach that fits each channel best, whether it’s on your own site, social media, print, or tv.
  3. Tell the wrong story: Make sure your brand messaging is as representative of your core values as possible. If consumers do not have an accurate understanding of your company’s mission and product, the wrong perception about your brand may exist. This can lead to distrust from moms, and cause her to switch to another brand.
  4. Be too promotional: Your brand can quickly lose moms’ loyalty if it sends non-stop, strictly promotional emails. Instead, include useful content in your email marketing campaigns. You can enrich these promotional emails with targeted content that fits your brand – recipes, DIY projects, party planning tips, etc. Add this extra level of value to your promotional emails, and you may see increased open and click-through rates.
  5. React poorly when errors are made: Real people run companies – and real people make mistakes now and then. When a brand missteps, they must recognize their error and respond in an appropriate manner. When a brand passes on the blame or becomes harshly defensive in response, consumers may not always stand by them. What moms want to see from a brand in this instance is to take responsibility, correct the issue at hand, and continue with business as usual.
  6. Content written with only SEO in mind: Do not create content solely around keywords in a rushed effort to boost SEO. Content written this way won’t be effective to win over consumers. Instead, it will read as insincere content that doesn’t have the reader in mind. If you draw in consumers with poorly written content and unclear headlines, chances are they won’t come back to your site – even if it does boost your page rank a small amount. Moms want to read content articles that are convincing, helpful, and original. Her trust will come naturally if your brand offers superior content, and not solely because of its page rank.
  7. Present a disorganized website: Customers who cannot navigate your brand’s website easily will often leave for a competitor’s brand. An intuitive, logically organized user experience is crucial for any successful website, especially when your target audience is moms. Dedicate resources to test your brand’s website to ensure that it provides the best consumer experience possible.

To gain moms trust is not enough; you have to be able to keep it. An honest, dedicated effort has to be made to show mom how much her brand loyalty means to your brand. Avoid the above mistakes – instead, work toward earning and keeping loyal customers for life. To learn more about other mom-focused consumer trends, download our free white paper.



Posted by Carly Botelho

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