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  • Navigating the Celebrations Industry: An Infographic

    June 02, 2014 · in Celebrations

    The celebrations industry is a huge $38 billion market, which can be hard for brands to navigate. For brands to increase revenue, they must understand the party planning timeline from a host’s perspective. When do they shop for snacks? How early do they send invitations? This infographic breaks down the process into simpler terms, and includes several key touchpoints.

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  • 10 Sweet Stats About Easter and the Candy Industry

    April 08, 2014 · in Celebrations

    Easter is forever tied to the candy industry – one look at the average American Easter basket is proof alone. Americans spend a massive amount on candy each year – on average, over $29 billion, which is good news for brands in the celebrations industry.

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  • Kids’ Birthday Parties Are Big Business For Brands

    March 19, 2014 · in Celebrations

    Kids’ birthday parties are a booming business, whether they’re held at home or at a popular venue. Brands have much to offer both party hosts and party guests, from creative favors to fun gifts and beyond.

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  • 5 Fast Facts About Celebrations and What They Mean For Brands

    February 28, 2014 · in Celebrations

    Get your brand noticed by party hosts as they plan events. First, understand how and when they plan. These facts are valuable to beverage, party snack, and candy brands – and beyond. Brands must stay current on new celebrations trends, as well as learn from established patterns.

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