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5 Fast Facts About Celebrations and What They Mean For Brands

February 28, 2014 · in Celebrations

For brands that that may show up at parties and celebrations, pay attention to these 5 fast facts. Get your brand noticed by party hosts as they plan events. First, understand how and when they plan.  These facts are valuable to beverage, party snack, and candy brands – and beyond. Second, stay current on new celebrations trends – as well as learn from established patterns.

Check out these 5 facts and useful marketing tips for brands:

  1. Women – especially moms – plan the majority of celebrations from start to finish.

    Marketing Tip: Since moms will do everything from send the invitations to plan the menu, make sure your brand is “mom approved”. Offer useful party planning content such as cleaning tips or unique centerpiece ideas to inspire them.
  2. In a recent survey of party hosts, 73% responded that they send online invitations over paper.

    Marketing Tip: With party planning making an even greater shift from paper to digital, brands must follow. Offer other online party planning tools to appeal to hosts who plan parties this way. Consider a recipe app that features your brand’s product or Pinterest boards with themed party ideas.

    shift from paper to digital

  3. Halloween is the biggest holiday for candy brands – followed by Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

    Marketing Tip: Food brands, especially party snacks and candy, benefit from spikes in seasonal marketing sales. If your brand’s product sees the same consumer pattern, plan the year’s advertising with seasonal marketing in mind.

    holiday candy celebrations
  4. The typical party host will send out 30–40 invitations for each event.

    Marketing Tip: While each party only has one or two hosts, there are many guests that brands can reach. When a party guest decides to bring a snack, side dish, or hostess gift to a party, do they immediately think of your brand? Make sure to target this group as well, as they also make party-related purchases.
  5. The average party host will spend around 20% of their budget on alcohol.

    Marketing Tip: Alcohol is purchased for family reunions, cocktail parties, company holiday parties, baby showers and beyond. Beverage brands must pay attention to the latest trends. Seasonal and signature cocktails, wine pairings, and the latest craft beer are always on party hosts “must have” lists when they plan parties. Stay current and make sure your brand ends up on this list as well.

    cocktail party beverage brands

Brands can learn from these 5 fast facts, and use them as they plan marketing efforts. If your brand might end up at a party or social event, make sure to learn all you can about the booming $38 billion celebrations industry. To read more about the shift of from paper to digital in the celebrations market, download our free white paper.  



Posted by Amie Reardon

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