About Trends & Data

Trends & Data aims to help agencies and brand marketers understand the celebrations market through research, trends, and data. The Trends & Data team provides other companies with an informative look into the world of social expressions and celebrations.

About Trends & Data
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We scour the Internet for knowledge about the celebrations industry.

Trends & Data is a dedicated resource for everything you need to know about the celebrations industry. We compile detailed research reports on specific topics so you don’t have to. We know where to go to get the nitty gritty facts and figures that you crave to make informed decisions.

Insights Data

We have a wealth of celebrations data and insights.

We’ve collected all kinds of data about the industry. Topics covered include: how the role of technology has impacted how people celebrate, the impact of social media on milestone occasions, how to reach moms planning parties, as well as insights on specific holidays and occasions.

Insights White Papers

Our Trends & Data team is the best in the business.

Our Trends & Data team is laser focused on providing marketers with thorough, well-thought white papers on the celebrations industry. The team is comprised of marketers who understand the value of the information they provide and take pride in delivering it in a way that can be easily consumed.