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Marketing to the New Mom

May 01, 2014 · in Content Marketing

marketing to the new mom

Brands that market to new moms are presented with a unique challenge. With a myriad of products geared toward this demographic, brands must have a highly targeted plan to reach the new mom. She’s often the household decision-maker and carefully screens any and all products used by her family. She wants only the best for her new baby, but may not always know what “the best” looks like. She may be influenced by the advice of TV and magazine advertisements, in-store shopping experiences, and her trusted group of friends and family.

Once a woman consumer becomes a new mother, there’s a massive shift in her priorities when it comes to purchase decisions. No longer is it about herself and luxury items; instead, the focus is on her new baby and growing family.

The demand for products aimed at the new moms is certainly present, which can be seen as you walk through any department store’s baby section. What will make your brand stand out from the rest?  It’s important for brand marketers to succeed at this task, given the spending power of the new mom. According to a USDA report, the average middle-income family will spend around $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year alone.

Diapers, bath time products, formula and clothing are all expensive. New parents spend close to $50 each week (almost $2,500 per year) on necessities alone. Brands that can convince the new mom to part with her family’s hard-earned money have succeeded in this challenge. But how does a brand accomplish this? One key factor is to be in tune with what new moms look for in products, and what drives these purchases.

While new and first-time moms have to juggle day-to-day routines, they also keep upcoming milestone events in mind. Here are 3 topics that will be top-of-mind for new moms, and what marketers can learn from other brands:

  1. Health and safety: Any mother’s primary concern is the well-being of her child, especially when it comes to infants. The new mom wants to make sure her baby is safe, healthy, and happy. Brands that offer new moms additional safety measure may win her loyalty. One brand that has succeeded at this is Angelcare, which offers a wide range of sleep monitors as well as bath safety products. Put her mind at ease and your brand may see an increase in sales.

    angelcare baby monitor
  2. Tracking routines: New moms have many things to keep track of – when was her baby’s last feeding or diaper change? Is the baby eating enough? Sleeping enough? With so many routines to stay on top of, apps use to track this activity can be very powerful tools for the new (or experienced) mom. Apps like Baby Connect and iBaby provide easy, detailed ways to track everything from feedings to mood. Offer moms a useful app that she’ll use every single day, and make a strong impression.

    baby app
  3. The Milestone 1st Birthday: While this is not an immediate concern, it certainly will become a hot topic within a few months. Most party hosts plan their celebration 6–8 weeks in advance, and the first birthday party is no exception! Make it easy for moms to pull off an impressive party to win her business. Brands such as Punchbowl offer convenient online invitations, inspired party ideas, and a wide selection of party supplies to solve all of her 1st birthday party planning needs. Step in at just the right time during this milestone event, and she may keep you in mind for all of her future celebrations.

    first birthday party

The new mom market is continually growing, as approximately 4 million babies are born each year – 40% of which are to first-time moms. The opportunity is there for brands that market to moms, and the challenge at hand is to capture their spending power. To learn more about other consumer trends that impact marketing to moms, download our free white paper.




Posted by Amie Reardon

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