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5 Things Not To Do When Marketing to Moms

March 06, 2013 · in Content Marketing

One of the hottest buzz phrases right now is content marketing. All the big brands are doing it. Sites like Babble, Whole Foods, and Huggies get millions of pageviews every month and marketers are paying big bucks to make sure they figure out what it is and how to do it ASAP.

One of the main draws of content when marketing to moms is that they eat up online content every single day. Moms spend about 24 hours online each week. And, in a world where moms are the CEO of the household, grabbing their attention through content marketing is especially appealing to the consumer brands of the world. 

content marketing strategiesIn a nutshell, content marketing means creating content online that expands brand awareness, broadens reach and increases stickiness. Brands want moms to keep coming back, they want them to tell their friends and they want every single mom to know about them. Therefore, creating some content and slapping it on your website should create results, right? 

Wrong. While it may seem easy, here are the five biggest no-no’s when it comes to content marketing to moms: 

1) Say ‘NO!’ to poor content.

This means don’t create content for the sake of creating content. Time, effort and experts are the key to successful content creation. If it’s a mom blog you want, get content from real moms. If you’re offering medical advice on newborns, get a real medical expert. The content also needs to be well-written, spell-checked and, above all else, unique. 

2) Don’t be a slacker.

If you’re making a content commitment to an audience, make sure to update that content regularly. Moms spend a significant portion of their free time reading blogs, updating Pinterest and reading their Facebook timeline to discover something new. None of the above are fun when there’s nothing new to discover. Consistent, fresh, new content is a surefire way to ensure a repeat audience and content sharing. 

3) Resist the urge to think outside the box.

Sometimes non traditional marketing tactics and radical ideas work. But, when it comes to building content, it’s best - and safest - to focus on content that moms really want to see. The top content among moms are parenting tips and advice, recipes, mom commentary, how-to’s and activities. A step-by-step tutorial on replacing a car battery? Not so much.

best content marketing strategy

Whole Foods found the ideal balance of content. Content moms expect from them - recipes and nutrition information - and something different, such as gardening information, eco-friendly ideas, and good health mottos. 

4) Don’t mix your messages. 

As with any marketing strategy, it’s important to be on the same page with every marketing tactic. Content marketing is no different. Align promotions, marketing messages and branding with content marketing. For a busy, frazzled mom, she already has enough on her plate. The more seamless a brand image and content are, the more likely she is to pay attention. 

5) Don’t ignore mom.

If reaching mom is your ultimate goal, use her as a primary resource! Moms love hearing and learning from other moms, so build content based on mom knowledge. Forums, questionnaires, surveys and blogs are great ways to generate feedback from your mom community. 

According to the Boston Consulting Group, moms are responsible for nearly three-quarters of all household spending - that’s a lot of purchasing power. Content marketing aids those purchasing decisions, which makes it a marketing tactic well worth the time and energy it takes to build something worth reading.

For more information on content marketing to moms, check out our white paper, How Brands Can Create Fabulous Content for Moms. 

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Posted by Jessica Noble

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