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Why Moms and Marketers Love Celebrations

February 18, 2013 · in Content Marketing

For many of us, celebrating a birthday or holiday is a tradition that we take for granted. You send a card, buy a cake, wrap some presents - it's all part of what we, as a society, just do. Over the last ten years or so, however, celebrating has become quite a lucrative business.

8th birthday cakeThere are many moving parts when it comes to having a celebration and there is no shortage of products to help you throw the best party ever. Brick-and-mortar stores overflow with party supplies, greeting cards can be sent the old-fashioned way or via email and giving gifts (not to mention wrapping them) has become an art form. Every month, 2.7 million people search for “party ideas” on Google. We are looking for unique, fun ideas to make our lives just a little bit brighter by celebrating just about anything.

So, why does the act of planning a celebration and then wowing guests with the end result matter so much to moms AND marketers?

Fuzzy Feelings
For one thing, it makes us feel really good to recognize a reason to celebrate. The anticipation of the approaching event releases warm and fuzzy endorphins that make us do crazy things like hand-frost and decorate 150 Elmo cupcakes. It’s also just plain fun to get friends and family together to be, well, happy. Celebrations signify a break in all that is mundane and boring in life and holidays equal a day off from the daily grind. I see the uprising of the celebrations industry as very heart-warming. It means families are spending time together and we’re making regular days just a little bit brighter.

Party Planning is a Hobby
On the other, not so warm-and-fuzzy hand, the celebrations industry and all the bells and whistles that accompany it are a marketer’s dream come true. The internet, online shopping, Pinterest and an explosion of mom-bloggers have injected a healthy dose of party planning adrenaline into a population of women between the ages of 25 and 44 who plan a majority of parties in the U.S. In fact, the average mother of two spends up to 23% of her free time planning parties, holidays, get-togethers, play dates and vacations.

lego party from pinterestA birthday party or anniversary is rarely just a cake and some cards these days. Hours are spent designing and sending invitations, building a menu, concocting a signature cocktail, laboriously wrapping presents and decorating around a personalized theme. Parents can spend precious late night quiet-time filling gift bags or building a balloon arch. Now, it’s commonplace to see something on Pinterest (Lego party anyone?) and have moms go out of their mind constructing a themed party to impress even non-Lego fans.

Celebrations Mean Big Money
The movement of celebrations from just a thing you do to a hobby means big things for brands and marketers. And by big things, we mean big money. Brands that touch the celebrations market are adding some pretty cool things to the world around us. Marketing teams have built true experiences for consumers both in stores and online that inspire consumers to go beyond just planning a party to creating a new life, even if for just a few hours. Whether it’s a Wild West themed kids birthday party or an Academy Awards soiree, party planners want to go all out in hosting an authentic party that will wow guests.

To meet these demands, brands are adapting their products and offerings. Sending a digital invitation through Punchbowl is a truly enjoyable and creative experience. Shopping the aisles at Target during the holidays is festive, fun and bright. Planning a dinner party or special meal is made extra special with the help of innovative recipe and idea sites.

mom and daughter with piggy bank

There’s good reason for creating these unique consumer experiences. Moms plan parties and they also control the household wallet. Many marketers acknowledge mom as the CEO of their family and party planning products, tools and websites are specifically geared toward them.  As household CEO, moms are said to represent a $2.4 trillion market. That’s a lot of money to be spent on a growing party planning industry that is mainly composed of a very captivated audience.

Overall, the celebrations market has grown into a $38 billion dollar industry and marketers have obviously paid attention. As inspiration sites like Pinterest continue to rise, so will the desire for moms and party planners to make their celebration the most creative and impressive. With that come infinite possibilities for brands and marketers. Looking for ways to reach these moms who plan parties? Read our white paper, “How Pinterest is Changing Purchase Behavior of Moms Who Plan Parties.”

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