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15 Brands That Rock Content Marketing to Moms

January 31, 2014 · in Content Marketing

Content marketing is the next big thing in the marketing world. Consumers can easily overlook advertisements, but when companies produce valuable and interesting information, consumers are compelled to read and take notice. The thought behind this strategy is to produce useful and relevant information to buyers, who will reward with business and loyalty. While content marketing is a growing trend, it is not a new concept.  According to Content Marketing Institute, 92% of marketers are using it to increase brand awareness. Therefore, differentiating and providing real valuable content to your target audience is essential to ensure your brand is noticed. Here are 15 brands that are doing a fantastic job at writing content for moms:

  1. Huggies: From the way it’s organized to the content written, Huggies does a great  job of writing useful and creative content for mom. Topics range from pregnancy, new baby, baby, and toddler, with each section full of amazing articles that really understand and help to-be and experienced moms. Huggies gets their customers – their content relates directly to their customers’ needs, without being overshadowed by their products.

  2. Kraft: Not only does their content-filled site provide Kraft recipes, it also includes recipes that are easy for kids, holiday recipe ideas, how to stay healthy, how to save money on meals, and more. They even provide videos for several of their recipes, setting them apart from the myriad of other recipe sites out there. Their recipe exchange message board is also a great way to keep moms involved and engaged with their content.
  3. Fisher-Price: Fisher-Price offers the perfect online tool for moms. The website has many branches of information, including DIY projects, child activities, online games, blog posts, and more. Their “Sharing Moments of Joy” page allows moms to post pictures of their kids, which keeps mom captivated and involved. They also have a page just for blogs and information geared toward grandparents. To engage moms even more, under the Playtime Guide they can select their babies’ age for tips, activities, and toy suggestions to help reassure them that they are on the right track with their little one.
  4. Anthropologie: Always a step ahead, Anthropologie posts to their blog and social media with up-to-date content on clothing styles, recipes, DIY projects, contests, home ideas, and more. To attract moms’ attention with high-quality images, they use a professional photographer to take captivating photos for each of their posts – and it works. The amazing artwork and layout of the blog instantly draws mom in to learn more, and ultimately decide to shop.

  5. Whole Foods: Whole Foods provides stories, recipes, and creative projects on their blog and social media sites. While most of their content revolves around food, it also focuses on a healthier lifestyle  – an ever-growing trend. Mom can quickly find new and healthy recipes through a discussion board and to give and get advice.
  6. Coca-Cola: This content-based site has it all – news, videos, food, music, recipes, and sports, to name a few. Many consumers already enjoy Coke products, so how do they target moms? They offer an entire section on Empowering Women on their blog, which resonates with moms. This curated content offers a lot for moms, with brand information, current events, and more.
  7. Williams-Sonoma: The “Taste” blog from Williams-Sonoma is a beautiful bit of the internet with well-composed photos and an easy-to-navigate layout. The site of course features recipes, along with information on free classes and events at local stores.. It also has step-by-step instructions, DIY projects, dinner party ideas, and more. This blog inspires mom to try new foods and recipes and think outside the box with her family’s dinner menu.

  8. Sears: When many people hear “Sears”, they think of dads. But that may no longer be the case thanks to the “Fit Studio by Sears”; which calls on everyone to be more active and rewards them for it. Mom can now workout, earn points while doing it, and spend those points at Sears, K-Mart, or Lands End. The website also offers exercise videos, workout ideas, healthy eating choices, polls, and sweepstakes. Sears motivates mom to continue to work out, with an added level of support through rewards and original content.

  9. Colgate: This content-based site is more than just toothpaste – it’s an active oral and dental health resource center. Moms can learn about her kids’ teeth from Colgate blogs post, videos, interactive guides, and more. They have a great section on different dental health awareness issues for each age group, so mom can stay informed of her kids’ oral health from infant, to toddler to teenager.
  10. Crayola: This brand keeps their content site fun with coloring pages, crafts, and more. The separate section “For Parents” is targeted directly at moms, for all of her child activity needs. It offers hundreds of different craft options, party ideas, and even lesson plans.
  11. Pepperidge Farm: With Create Moments and Smile, Goldfish-based website, Pepperidge Farm focuses on helping moms keep their children creative and happy. They do this by sharing content related to back-to-school, new goldfish happenings, games, arts and crafts, and more.
  12. Target: A Bullseye View, Target’s behind-the-scenes blog, is right on track for useful content. They have written material on fashion/beauty, lifestyle, entertainment, out and about, and company info – with tips, videos and news in each section. It’s all relevant to everyday life, and can easily help mom stay up to date on news and current events while keeping her entertained and engaged with a brand she loves.
  13. Johnson & Johnson: This brand offers many content sites for moms all over the world. Three that stand out are JOHNSON’S®, JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME™, and All of three of these websites are great content sites for new mothers, with everything you could want to know about having a baby. Even though they have three main content sites about babies, Johnson & Johnson differentiates each of them to provide specific, unique, and interesting information on each to help new mothers and recommend products.
  14. TOMS: TOMS content site is inspirational and intriguing. With every purchase made, TOMS will help a person in need, and they illustrate this mission in their content. Through their stories site, TOMS takes you through cultural, giving, and moving articles, all while focusing on personal stories from people around the world. TOMS also provides playlists for different moods, how to projects, and style options. Their content is very different then most brands, and can capture moms’ heart and attention, leading them to want to support TOMS mission.

  15. Vera Bradley: “Inside Stitch” is Vera Bradley’s captivating content site. They provide beautiful images to enhance their stories, along with downloadable desktop wallpapers to keep mom engaged. They also describe in detail each of their color/pattern lines, showing a deeper meaning behind each of their products and what they truly represent. Recipes, DIY, contests, polls, Table Talks (exclusive articles about one audience), and more are all also offered on their extensive blog and social media outlets.

Content marketing has become a vital part of ones’ marketing strategy. Advertising is not enough – brands must now deliver useful and informative content that will keep customers engaged. Connect with customers instead of just selling to them and double check that your content marketing is up to speed and fits your target audience. To learn more about content marketing to moms, download our free white paper.

Posted by Carly Botelho