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10 Free Dynamic Apps for Multitasking Moms

February 10, 2014 · in Content Marketing

Moms are busy and always on the go. They run errands for the house, drop the kids off at school, bring kids to sports practice, cook dinner, clean, work – moms have a lot on their plate. Luckily, we are living in an electronic world, with 9 out of 10 moms always having their smartphones by their side. There is a large potential market to design apps to make moms’ life a little easier. Here are 10 free apps that are very useful for busy moms on the go:

  1. Cozi: This handy app allows moms to manage the chaos in their life – from school schedules to chores, grocery lists, meal choices and more. Each member of the family has access from any electronic device, which allows all members to view the calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, and leave reminders. Available: iOS and Android

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  2. TaskRabbit: Don’t have time to go grocery shopping, do the laundry, and pick up lunch? Well, in 10 major cities, there’s an app for that. TaskRabbit, a background-checked delivery service, efficiently gets your errands done for you. Select a task off of the TaskRabbit spinning carousel or provide custom instructions for reliable service. With payment and tips taken care of through the app and up to date status reports on your task, there’s no reason for moms not to use TaskRabbit on a hectic day. Available: iOS

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  3. TripCase: Vacations, especially with kids, can be stressful and time consuming to plan. TripCase keeps track of flight details, confirmation numbers, locations of restaurants and attractions, and other travel information. This allows moms to monitor the family travel plans easily, even from the road. Available: iOS, Android, and Blackberry
  4. ShopSavvy: This bargain-hunting app allows moms to get the best deal on their purchases. The app scans barcodes or searches for products to find the lowest price online and at local stores. Moms’ perfect shopping assistant allows her to create wish lists and also alerts her when certain items go on sale. Available: iOS and Android
  5. Kids Meal Deals: Whenever moms run out of time to cook, or are already out running errands with the kids, Kids Meal Deals is a key app. It displays up-to-date information on restaurants in the area that have deals where kids eat free, or other family dining specials. Perfect for finding the best kids dining options. Available: iOS, Android, and BlackBerry

    kids meal deals mobile app

  6. LucyPhone: No one likes waiting on hold for a customer service rep, especially when they have a busy day planned out of the house. LucyPhone will do the waiting for them, and call them back when there is a representative ready to answer their questions. This app lets moms remain productive without having to remain on hold. Available: iOS and Android
  7. LinkedIn Pulse: While waiting in line at the grocery store, at the doctors office for a child’s appointment, or sitting at the park, moms can stay up-to-date on all current news with Pulse. This app provides a quick snapshot of what is going on in the world so busy moms can stay informed. Available: iOS, Android, and Kindle
  8. Coupon Sherpa: Say goodbye to printing out coupons or searching through newspapers. Coupon Sherpa offers hundreds of coupons for more then 5,000 retailers, allowing moms to present their phone at in-store checkout for a discount. The app also features exclusive coupons. Available: iOS and Andriod

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  9. Mint: This is one of the most popular money management apps on the market. Moms can manage credit cards, bank accounts, income, monthly budgets, investments, and more – all on the go. Mint syncs with financial institutions for optimal convenience and financial tracking. Available: iOS or Android
  10. Mom Maps: This is an app designed to find kid-friendly locations on the go. When moms don’t know exactly where they want to take their kids on that next play day, Mom Maps helps them find all kid-friendly areas nearby (or near a given location). Search results include parks, museums, restaurants, play places, and more. The app has more then 28,000 locations, and provides reviews, contact information, directions, and kids play guides. Available: iOS, Android

Create apps that are helpful to moms to stay competitive in the app market. With over a million apps in the Apple app store, it is necessary to design one that stands out and provides an immediate benefit to moms. To learn more about the digital mom, download our free white paper.

Posted by Carly Botelho

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