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Super Bowl Ads That Scored a Touchdown with Moms

February 04, 2014 · in Content Marketing

Some will always argue that ads aren’t effective, but this past Sunday’s lineup of commercials begs to differ. With an average Super Bowl® ad budget falling between $3 and $4 million, brands need to make every second count. Super Bowl commercials are almost as appealing as the game itself – many brands have even previewed their ads online, creating an even bigger buzz.

61% of Super Bowl viewers will share ads on social media, with even more posting about them during the game. With this level of engagement, it’s crucial for brands to quickly capture consumers’ attention. It’s also important for brands to appeal to a certain viewing audience – women. An impressive 46% of the Super Bowl viewing audience is made up of women; this is more than watched the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys combined. When you consider that many of these women are possibly moms as well, it starts to add up.

Here are a few ads from the weekend’s game that clearly targeted the mom market, and really made a connection with these "household CEO's":

GoDaddyIn past years, GoDaddy has clearly targeted men. This year, they tried a different approach in the “Puppet Master” spot by asking the question, “What’s your dream?” In this intriguing ad, a woman quits her job via the commercial itself. While the spot didn’t go into great detail about this dream, it clearly created buzz and drew attention to both the brand and to the topic. The woman in the commercial was moving on to pursue her dream of working for herself – a topic that is relevant to many moms in the workforce.


CheeriosThis made the list not for the heartwarming quality Cheerios consistently brings to the table. This follow-up to last year’s “Just Checking” spot really connected with moms, as well as countless families. It made a small nod to the debate surrounding the previous ad, while reinforcing the brand’s stance that families such as this one are just like everyone else. This commercial, “Gracie”, is Cheerios’ first-ever to air during a Super Bowl, and really resonated with moms. Touching on several common threads among many American families, this commercial has a high appeal to the large mom consumer market.


Intuit / GoldieBlox: A call to “girl power”, this ad skyrocketed a small toy company to a national level. GoldieBlox had won a contest to have their Super Bowl ad funded by Intuit, and it sure did pay off. This commercial resonated with daughters’ moms everywhere, supporting young girls who want to build and create.


This roundup of commercials is only a small sampling of a larger group  – brands ranging from luxury cars to snack foods. With so many clearly aimed at the mom consumer, it’s yet another reinforcement that to influence this target audience, brands must speak with honesty and be extremely relevant to everyday experiences. To learn more about consumer trends that impact marketing to moms, download our free white paper.

Posted by Amie Reardon

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