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Make Your Brand Irresistible to Moms Through Personalization

March 24, 2015 · in Content Marketing

Marketing to Moms

In today’s consumer market, there is an increased demand for personalization of brands’ interactions with moms – as well as the products, services, and content they provide. Consumers, especially moms, expect the best. They want brand interactions to be personalized to meet their individual needs, instead of being treated as if all moms are the same.

Several brands have already started to personalize their consumer marketing efforts, mainly in the form of promotional emails. Through targeted email campaigns, brands have the ability to target moms based on behaviors, interests, and demographics. However, personalized emails are not enough on their own – brands must find other ways to incorporate personalization into their consumer experiences to please moms at any stage.

Content personalization is vital to attract and keep moms’ attention. The most popular online content platforms are those that are customizable for a specific mom’s interests. Custom-built recommendations and user profiles will make moms feel that the experience is tailor-made for her. This allows her to only see content that she will relate to, without having to search your brand’s website to find what she wants.

For example, Netflix and Amazon do a fantastic job of providing personalized content for their users. Both brands offer recommendations about specific programs or products that they have calculated the user will enjoy based on their past searches and purchases. This is very helpful for the user, and has created many loyal customers for both brands.

Personalization of web pages is another growing trend that can be very successful if used correctly. This allows brands to personalize their website for customers in specific parts of the marketing funnel, and deliver content that is appropriately suited to them. Customers who are a first time user vs. customers who frequently purchase should have two unique brand experiences.

With the advancements in technology comes an increase in product capabilities. The ability to determine what products a customer desires – without having to ask – will create customer loyalty on a new level. Personalized products based on specific customer needs will also foster increased purchases and a better customer understanding.

Ultimately, personalization is much more than plugging a customer’s name into an email subject line. For best results, discover ways to personalize the entire consumer experience from beginning to end. To learn how to create stunning content for your target audience of moms, download our free white paper.


Posted by Amie Reardon

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