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A Day in the Life: Mom on Social Media

February 25, 2013 · in Content Marketing

moms on social media In addition to cooking, cleaning, wiping boogers and playing chauffeur, moms are adding “tweeting”, “liking” and blogging to their daily repertoire. Why? Because in many ways, it makes their life easier (Example: Uploading vacation photos to Facebook to share with the family.) Plus, they feel more connected to moms like them and can learn from a community of moms at the tip of their fingers (Example: Why isn’t my kid napping??? Help!)

80% of young moms use social media regularly and 50% of all moms who are active social media mavens access it from their mobile devices. That’s a lot of multitasking moms pinning, tweeting, and sharing amidst the chaos that is child-rearing.

So, what exactly are these savvy moms doing on social media throughout the day? Here’s a summary of how mom uses social media on a daily basis.

7:00AM: Hungry kids and pets awaken mom. While the coffee is percolating, she checks her Facebook newsfeed, shares a tidbit she learned from The Today Show via Twitter and plays Words with Friends for two minutes while downing her cup of coffee.

8:00AM-Noon: In between school drop-off, running errands and taking the dog for a walk or going to work, mom checks her Twitter feed, uses coupons from Facebook via her smartphone, pins a few recipes to Pinterest and listens to friend-suggested songs via Spotify.

Noon-3:00PM: Lunchtime means a few more minutes for mom to catch up on the latest news, blogs posts and texts. She might spend a few precious minutes alone to tweet, upload photo albums or comment on user forums.

3:00-6:00PM: Mom races around picking up kids, bouncing from appointments to play dates, making snacks, doing laundry and preparing dinner. She posts pictures from soccer practice to Instagram for friends and family to see, scrolls through her Pinterest boards to find an activity or two for cranky toddlers and entertains hungry kids with funny videos from YouTube.

6:00-8:00PM: Dinnertime and bedtime. Everyone is exhausted. Mom takes pictures of her finished dinner masterpiece to post on Facebook and quickly scrolls through her newsfeed while everyone is hungrily making their plates. She tweets one or two funny things the kids say and then herds the family upstairs for bedtime.

8:00-10:00PM: Once the kids are tucked in, it's 'me' time, and moms dive into social media. She builds a board or two on Pinterest, comments on friends’ status’ on Facebook, goes through her blogroll, plays games on her smartphone and checks out updates on LinkedIn.

By the time mom heads to bed, she’s spent nearly three hours online and over six hours on her smartphone. Increasingly, social media is doing more for mom than just entertaining her. She’s developing relationships with brands, planning events, sharing ideas with friends and keeping track of her and her family’s life.

Mom-centric brands are beginning to focus on building the relationship with mom because research shows that social media influences the purchasing decisions made by moms. Social media is the content marketing channel that keeps on giving - for brands and moms alike. Moms love that they’re showing loyalty to a brand they like if they get something in return and so the reciprocal relationship begins. Advertisers, moms and marketers all feeling the love.

moms on social media infographic

58% of Moms follow brands on social media. Source:

Social media is more than just a past-time for moms and there’s no evidence it’s going anywhere. Busy moms everywhere will continue to flock to social media for answers, advice, insight and, most importantly, ways to make their life easier.

To read more about moms and the digital world, check out the white paper, Moms & Digital: 20 Stats About Tech-Loving Mamas.

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