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5 Fast Facts About Moms Who Blog

June 27, 2014 · in Research

facts about moms who blogIt’s estimated that there will be 4.4 million mom bloggers in the US by the end of this year. That number has steadily increased since 2010, and will continue to grow as the Internet and mobile usage continues to evolve. Not only are masses of moms blogging, but 63% of online moms also read blogs. This number is increasingly important to brands, as 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations for product purchases.  

Mom bloggers give brands access to new audiences, ensure higher consumer engagement, and supply new and relevant brand content. However, the way moms whom blog view themselves and the way brands perceive them may not always overlap. Take note of the following 5 fast facts to properly understand the world of mom bloggers and how to best connect with mom consumers:

  1. Every mom blogger is unique: Mom bloggers are not all the same, and should not be treated as such. Each blogger is passionate about a particular cause or specific subject matter that they write about with her own perspective and unique style. Research different mom bloggers to determine if their core values relate to your brand’s message. If your brand is a good fit for her blog, then a feature can build a stronger relationship that will attract more readers.
  2. They enjoy writing product reviews: In a recent survey by Type-A Parent, product reviews were the second most popular blog topic among moms, second only to parenting. Moms who blog enjoy sharing their product opinions with their readers, which is good news for brand and blog partnerships. However, keep in mind that bloggers take pride in what they write, and they are not afraid to give negative feedback and write bad reviews. Provide high-quality product samples  or membership trials and be polite and informative to your blog partners to best ensure a positive product review.
  3. It’s not about the money: Although the majority of moms make some money from their blogs, most do not make enough to support themselves financially. 13% of moms who blog make nothing, 29% make less then $100, and 31% make $100–$500 monthly. Only 5% make over $2,500 per month. So while many moms would like to make a living from their blog, the majority do not rely on this as their primary source of income. They blog because they enjoy sharing their story and helping other moms make the right purchase decisions. Brands should keep this in mind when researching blog influencers, mainly because bloggers will not give your brand a good review simply to make money.
  4. They see themselves as professionals: And they are! Successful mom bloggers have such a large following because they provide current, new, and well-written content that viewers enjoy. Many moms who blog see themselves as self-employed entrepreneurs; 82% invest in business cards and 73% attend blog conferences. In addition, even though marketers love the term “mommy blogger”, many moms do not. In fact, 38% of moms who blog actively hate the term “mommy blogger.” Even though marketers may continue to use this phrase, do not let it slip as your reach out to bloggers for a partnership. Treat them as professionals, as you would any other business contact.
  5. They want a mutually beneficial partnership: Although your brand may provide free samples or monetary incentives for moms to promote your products, there are additional ways to provide an incentive for the blogger to write about your product. Promote their blog on your social media and company blog to strengthen your relationship and make the partnership as successful as possible. This allows your brand to reach new consumers while also giving the blogger a larger opportunity to acquire new readers. This works best with a co-sponsored contest or giveaway, as you can direct your current customers to find new creative content while also promoting your products.

Mom bloggers are increasingly important for brands. They open the door to a wide audience of new consumers that your brand may not reach otherwise. Moms trust other moms, and a positive product review or sponsored post can help to extend your reach and bring in new customers. To learn more about reaching the mommy market, download our free white paper



Posted by Carly Botelho