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Provide Superior Support and Earn a Customer for Life

March 03, 2014 · in Content Marketing

excellent customer service

In a recent Engage:Moms article, we touched upon the importance of brands that offer excellent customer support.  Moms have a lot to keep track of, and product or service issues might not make it to the top of her list. Investment in superior customer service is very important for any brand, especially brands that target the mom audience.

Moms share their brand experiences, as well as their customer service experiences. While she may not always share the great phone support she received, you can bet she’ll share if a brand did not come through for her. Even one negative experience can prompt a customer to talk to peers and post online to share a poor level of service.

A brand can gain loyal customers if they offer solid support and courteous service, both online and in person. A local shop that handles returns easily is just as valuable as a massive online company that replaces a defective product.

All brands have their own approach and unique features with customer support. Many online retailers make returns easy with print-at-home shipping labels. Others offer useful FAQ sections where customers can problem-solve on their own. Here at Punchbowl, for example, we offer a comprehensive Help Center, quick email support, and instant chat options. We’re so confident that these methods will solve any issues that only Business level members are offered a phone number to contact.

Other brands with well-known customer service include Amazon, LL Bean, Zappos and Nordstrom. No matter how they offer support, the common thread is that they all do whatever it takes to make the customer – often moms – happy. Consumers base their brand loyalty on the level of support they receive. If it’s above and beyond, they’re likely to recommend the brand to friends and family. If it’s a negative experience, however, they may switch brands all together.

With smartphones and tablets always within arm’s reach, these experiences are shared almost as soon as they happen. Brands must remember this and ensure their customer support is there when consumers need it. To learn more about how moms interact with brands and use this technology in daily life, download our free white paper.



Posted by Amie Reardon

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