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How Brands Can Give Back, and Why Moms Will Notice

April 24, 2014 · in Trends

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In today’s socially conscious world, moms ask not only “How can this brand improve my daily life?” but also “What is this brand doing to improve the world around me?” When brands align themselves with a meaningful cause, they send a powerful message to moms: We care, and we’re going to do something about it.

Mom-focused brands have a unique opportunity to leverage this desire to help through cause marketing. A successful campaign can increase sales for the brand or company as well as raise awareness for the charitable organization. When moms recognize that a brand is going above and beyond to help a cause, it may compel her to make a purchase.

Brands are expected to spend large amounts this coming year on cause-based sponsorships and campaigns. According to a recent IEG Sponsorship Report, spending is predicted to reach $1.84 billion in 2014, which is a projected 3.4% increase from 2013. Clearly, cause marketing is not a fleeting trend. The traditional ways to support a cause – a cash, service, or product donation – aren’t always enough to satisfy a socially responsible mom’s desire to help. Brands that leverage cause-based marketing tactics truly understand this.

While not all brands have a budget to support a cause marketing campaign like the global (RED) effort or the model that TOMS uses, there are still ways in which they can show their support. Whether it’s within their own community or with an international organization, many brands feel a responsibility to pitch in.

How can your brand contribute to the greater good, and capture moms’ attention at the same time? It can be a simple gesture or an over-the-top campaign – but what’s most important is that your brand does something that makes a difference. Here are 3 ways your company can give back to others, and make an impression on your target audience of moms:

  1. Organize an employee volunteer day: This is a tactic that any brand can participate in, from small start-up to global corporation. Choose a local organization that could benefit from your employees’ help – a food pantry, animal shelter, or public school are all great places to start. Here at Punchbowl, we use Groundhog Day (our CEO’s favorite holiday) as a day of service. It helps connect employees in a non-work setting, while also making an impact in the community. Once your company has completed a successful volunteer day, don’t be afraid to share the news! When consumers see what you’re doing to help your local community, they will take notice of your brand.
  2. Pay it forward: If budget allows, donate a percentage of sales to one organization that you care about as a company. Whether it’s a portion of total sales or sales of one particular item, this is a way to give back that really sets a brand apart. L’Oréal Paris is one brand that has mastered the art of charitable contribution through a product line. Through their Color of Hope products, this global brand has raised over $20 million for life-saving ovarian cancer research. For every Color of Hope item that’s sold, L’Oréal Paris donated $1. When a cause hits home with women and moms, they may be more likely to choose your brand over another.
  3. When disaster strikes, be there to help: When natural disasters occur – earthquakes, drought, floods – be among the many companies that step up to help. Whether you offer a “Donate Here” button on your site that links to the Red Cross or craft an in-depth campaign focused on helping those in need, every action makes an impact. One mom-approved brand that has made a big difference has been Tide, through their ongoing Loads of Hope program. One of the most basic of human needs – clean clothes – can be taken away in an instant when a natural disaster strikes. The Tide Loads of Hope program provides relief with their mobile laundromat, which includes one truck and a fleet of vans that house over 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers. Their mobile unit can wash over 300 of loads in a single day, which makes a huge difference for families who have been displaced from their home. The simple act of lending your service to those in need can really connect with moms who know just how important it really is.

There is so much that makes a brand or company successful – and a sense of social responsibility shouldn’t be overlooked. One key aspect of success for a mom-focused brand is to effectively reach their target audience. While charitable efforts can surely help them in this challenge, it’s only one of many approaches. To learn how targeted, well-crafted content can help your brand reach moms, download our fee white paper



Posted by Amie Reardon

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