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How Jewelry Brands Can Reach Party Hosts

January 09, 2014 · in Content Marketing
Celebrations present huge opportunities to brands, and they come in two types: party hosts and party guests. For jewelry brands, the big win is with party guests.
It can be a challenge to reach party guests. You need to know who is invited to a party and when. Brands can make some assumptions during peak seasonal times. Christmas or graduation season, for example, are two times of the year when the likelihood of receiving a party invite is high. But for events like wedding showers and birthday parties where the gift of jewelry is very common, timing is not as cut and dry. Here are few ways that jewelry brands can target guests: 
Online Brands - Especially within the celebrations industry, it's critical that brands create an online presence. Brands can reach party goers who need to dress up for the event and also purchase a gift by partnering with party planning sites., for example, helps brands reach not only the hosts but their very important guests. Leading brands partner with Punchbowl to reach hosts and guests very early in the planning process so they can influence key decisions such as the food and drinks for the menu, decorations, and of course, gifts for the guest of honor.
Social Media - Social networks also provide a great outlet that brands can use to engage with consumers before, during, and after their purchases. Pandora is one brand that is very active and effective on social media. They engage their almost 1.75 million Facebook fans in a variety of ways, including a bracelet designer app that allows users to create their dream bracelet and share their style with friends.
Provide Value to Guests - When it comes to gift-giving, everyone wants to find an item that is personal, unique, and something the recipient will truly enjoy. When it comes to jewelry for themselves, consumers want something that fits their personality but also makes sense for the occasion. Brands that help solve these often difficult problems for guests will have a loyal customer for a long time to come. Stone and Strand, for example, helps solve the gift-giving dilemma with an online gift guide that helps consumers identify the best gifts for their friends and family.
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Posted by Katie Petrillo