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Seasonal Marketing: Brands That Always Kill It For Valentine's Day

February 12, 2014 · in Content Marketing

In the world of advertising, there are few methods more relevant than seasonal marketing. Timed perfectly, an effective seasonal campaign will drive brand business for a specific holiday. Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest spending holidays in the U.S. The average annual spending for the holiday will reach $37 billion this year – proof that there’s no shortage of consumers. To boost profits, brands must stay on top of seasonal marketing cycles and plan ahead for holidays that encourage spending, whether through gifts, food, or other products.

Over half of the U.S. population celebrates Valentine’s Day, allowing for nearly every brand out there to cash in.

To tap into the $38 billion celebrations industry, marketers can learn from brands that excel at seasonal marketing. Take a look at these 4 brands that always kill it with their Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns:

DOVE Chocolate: Love every moment with DOVE Chocolates – an iconic Valentine’s Day brand. With clever sampler-inspired Facebook ads, this brand uses a bit of nostalgia this year to capture consumers’ attention.

valentines day marketing dove chocolate

In past years, DOVE has also paid attention to those not in relationships – a group that often gets left out of the equation on Valentine’s Day. This sweet brand broke tradition and included a larger group of women in their seasonal audience. They did not limit their audience to one demographic – couples – therefore connecting with many more consumers.



Coca-Cola: Last year’s “Love is in the Air” campaign was heartwarming and charming – which is to be expected from this global brand. It’s hard to top their polar bear ads, but this one comes close:


And don’t forget Coke’s brilliant seasonal marketing through their packaging. With aluminum cans that change with the holidays, they appeal to adults and children alike. This month’s #ShowYourHeart campaign has strong ties to Valentine’s Day, as well as raises awareness about women’s heart health.


Dunkin’ Donuts: Another brand who changes product with the season is Dunkin’ Donuts. From heart-shaped confections to pink-frosted treats, this nationally recognized donut shop succeeds at seasonal marketing in a big way. This year they introduced a Cupid’s Choice and Cupid’s Cocoa donuts, both heart-shaped and filled with extra sweetness.

The brand also released an amusing commercial spot which first aired during the Super Bowl.



Necco: New England-based candy company Necco rounds out the list. With iconic Sweethearts candies, this brand does an excellent job of seasonal marketing around Valentine's Day. Their conversation heart messages have come to be an immediately recognized symbol of the holiday. This year, they have introduced two new marketing tactics. First is their new "color your own" line of Sweethearts candies. These candy boxes double as kids' activities, with outlined artwork meant to be colored. 

necco candy sweethearts

In addition, Necco has taken to Twitter with a "Tweethears" campaign. With a  few clicks, create personalized Sweetheart candies that you customize through a Tweet. Simply Tweet to @tweethearts, review the resulting design and customize, and order.

To successfully leverage upcoming holidays, make sure you bulid it into your marketing plan and think about things seasonally. To learn more about the impact of holidays and seasonality on marketing, download our free white paper.


Posted by Amie Reardon

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