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How Pizza Brands Can Leverage Online Party Planning

June 18, 2013 · in Content Marketing

pizza party invitation Party planning online has grown exponentially in the last decade, thanks to numerous websites and blogs, and the rise of social media. Hosts commonly turn to Pinterest to look for decoration and DIY ideas, and scour blogs for tips and tricks. They have also transitioned from the world of paper to digital when it comes to invitations. Brand awareness through traditional advertising is effective but it’s much more favorable to get in touch with hosts before they’ve completed their party plans and the place to do so is online. Pizza brands will benefit when they target the $38 billion celebrations industry online. 

Pizza, an industry valued at over $40 billion, is always a hit at parties. No one can deny that pizza and celebrations go hand in hand. With over 65,000 pizza franchises in the United States, it’s important that pizza brands differentiate their value proposition and identify new audiences to target. What better market than the celebrations industry and where better than online? Follow these tips to reach pizza party hosts online:

  • Show Why Your Brand is Best: The best way for brands to stick out among the competition is to go online and show why your brand is the optimal choice. To do this, use appropriately timed advertising on sites that hosts turn to for party planning. This could result in a message of convenience (online ordering, delivery), selection (sides, unique toppings), value (coupons for large parties), or another factor that your brand thinks is important.

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  • Provide Value: A host usually has a lot on her plate. While your brand is reaching hosts online, provide real value and offer ways to help solve her problems. For example, hosts usually contemplate how much pizza to serve at parties. Little Caesar’s includes suggestions for how many pizzas to order based on the party size. Your website can also feature a pizza party calculator that allows hosts to enter the number of kids and adults to help determine how much pizza the host should order.
  • Inform Party Hosts:  Pizza brand website’s can post a pizza party guide, which tells hosts the most popular pizza for parties, gives suggestions for food and drink pairings, and tips to keep pizza warm during an event. Don’t forget a mobile presence. Create an app that allows hosts to order online, see estimated delivery times, get party ideas, and redeem discounts.
  • Create Custom Advertising: To reach hosts online, find websites where hosts go to look for party planning solutions. Develop relationships with publishers that offer something you can’t get from other sites. Look for sites that clearly connect with party hosts and offer custom marketing opportunities that allow you to engage with them. Lastly, choose a publisher that will work with you to develop a marketing program that aligns with your goals to increase business around parties and celebrations.

With the celebrations industry’s estimated market of $38 billion, pizza brands can capitalize on some of that revenue by reaching hosts online. And as long as people are celebrating, there will be a strong tie between the pizza and celebrations industries. Whether celebrating a birthday, the Super Bowl, or getting together for game night, pizza parties satisfy guests and alleviate some stress for the host.

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Posted by Chelsea Amaral

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