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Mix & Mingle: 15 Ways Snack Brands Can Be the Life of the Party

May 30, 2013 · in Content Marketing

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At nearly every occasion from holidays and birthdays to sports parties and family get-togethers, there is a table filled with bowls of chips, popcorn, pretzels and other salty treats. During the 2013 Super Bowl alone, Americans consumed nearly 11.2 million pounds of potato chips, 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips and 4.3 million pounds of pretzels.

In the new white paper, Mix & Mingle: 15 Ways Snack Brands Can Be The Life of the Party, we dive into the intricate link between snack foods and celebrations, explore current consumer snack food trends and present 15 strategies for marketers to effectively reach consumers who spend billions on party snacks every year.

Throughout the year there are numerous occasions to celebrate – and food is always a huge part of the event. Holidays, birthdays and sporting events occur annually, all of which are lucrative for snack brands. This provides marketers with a consistent and defined market. Party hosts who desire to plan the perfect event will always want to try new things, be willing to spend money, and purchase an assortment of products.

The challenge for snack marketers is how to understand those who plan parties and reach them at the right moment as they're gearing up for a celebration. Here is a preview of the 15 strategies snack marketers can use to reach this $38 billion industry:

  • Get to Know Party Hosts

    Women, especially moms, plan the majority of celebrations from start to finish. They choose the theme, send invitations, buy decorations, coordinate favors, do the shopping, and of course, plan the menu. Moms often plan holiday celebrations, family gatherings and without a doubt, their child’s birthday parties. They are also the memory-keepers, responsible for taking photos/video and sharing those memories after the event.

  • Explore Online Party Planning

    Party planning online has grown exponentially in the last decade, thanks to numerous websites, blogs and social media sites. Hosts frequently turn to Pinterest to look for decoration ideas. They scour blogs for DIY tips and tricks. And they have transitioned from the world of paper to digital when it comes to invitations. In fact, 53% of moms say they use technology to help them plan special occasions like holidays or birthdays.

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  • Present Creative Ideas Visually

    Great presentation adds a ‘wow’ factor to the party, especially when it comes to snacks, but it can be a burden for hosts to come up with new and different presentation ideas. Use your brand’s social media pages, like Pinterest, to show hosts interesting alternatives to organize party snacks that present the food in a festive way. These ideas inspire hosts to carry out these suggestions and will be thankful you did the creative legwork for them.

Want to read the 12 other tips? Download the free white paper, Mix & Mingle: 15 Ways Snack Brands Can Be The Life of the Party, to read all 15 strategies, plus a look into the how these two industries come together. 

Posted by Katie Petrillo

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