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15 Facts You Can Use In Your Next Presentation On Tablets

April 03, 2013 · in Content Marketing

You’ve done the research on moms and tablets, you know they’re one of the fastest growing adopters of the device. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of creating an app and if it will increase engagement with moms. You know which devices and operating systems to include in your responsive layout plan.

As a brand marketer or media buyer with mom-specific products and brands in mind, you know what you have to do to reach tablet users. Now you need to convince your boss or client why they should spend marketing dollars on tablets.

Here are 15 facts and figures to include in your presentation on tablets that will help support and sell your plan.

1)     22% of moms own a tablet, compared to 16% of the general population. (Edison Research)

2)     1 out of every 3 moms uses a non-smartphone connected device, such as an iPad, Kindle, or iTouch. (TechCrunch)

3)     97% of moms made a purchase on their tablet in the last month. (TechCrunch)

moms on tablets

4)     93% of moms shopped significantly more on their tablets than they did in 2011. (TechCrunch)

5)     24% of tablet shoppers bought 6 or more items over the last 6 months on their tablet, versus 13% of smartphone shoppers during 2012. (Marketing Profs)

6)     About 50% of all tablet owners use their device to research products before going to the store. (Marketing Profs)

7)     91 percent of sites accessed on an iPad redirected to a desktop site and 7% went to a mobile site. Just 2% of sites went to a tablet-specific site.(Mobile Commerce Daily)

8)     Only 14% of mobile websites integrate with the Facebook “Like” function. (Forbes)

9)     33% of moms log 10 hours or more on their tablets in a week, and only 2 hours on their laptop. (TechCrunch)

10)  22% of tablet owners said they click ads from their device, as opposed to 11% of smartphone owners. (Internet Retailer)

11)  42% of moms say that mobile advertising helped them save money and time. (Inmobi)

12)  Advertising dollars spent on mobile and tablets together is expected to grow from $2.1 billion in 2011 to $14.8 billion in 2016. (Business Insider)

13)  60% of moms say that retail apps are the most popular apps in helping them decide what to purchase. (eMarketer)

14)  In 2012, consumers spent 35% more time using mobile apps, while time spent on the web declined 2.4%. (Flurry)

15)  The top 4 things moms expect in apps are smart push notifications, recommendations or offers based on current location, integration with social media, and an eCommerce engine. (Mashable)

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Posted by Katie Petrillo

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