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Key Traits of a Powerful Consumer: Moms

January 28, 2014 · in Content Marketing

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In the celebrations industry, one of the largest and most influential audiences is moms. Often, they’re the ones who plan the parties and organize the social gatherings. In the days before the Internet and social media, it might have been a mystery to know what they were up to. But with today’s daily inundation of digital information and social media insight, it’s possible to know how this audience thinks and behaves online.

So, what do we know about this audience of moms? As marketers, it’s important to understand behaviors such as shopping habits, brand loyalty, word-of-mouth tendencies and more. Here are a few things we know for sure about this audience of moms:

  • They're Social: Last year, 52% of marketing professionals found a customer through Facebook, according to MarketingProfs. With 41% of moms currently following their favorite brands on Facebook, it’s smart to spend some time keeping your business page updated and relevant. Social media fans in general, and moms especially, are quick to turn to their platform of choice when looking for brand or business information. Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter are just a few of the available social media networks where moms can be reached by your brand.
  • They're Vocal: Moms always compare experiences – “mommy groups” are a prime example of this. From an activity they took part in, to the latest store they shopped, there’s no doubt the outcomes will be made public. Whether it’s online or by word of mouth, what consumers say about your brand or business can have a huge impact on sales. Online reviews in particular can be very powerful, quickly spreading from a review site, to Twitter, and who knows – possibly back to the brand executives themselves.
  • They're Visual: The mom market is often drawn to eye-catching images – DIY ideas, party decoration inspiration, new recipes and more. It’s no surprise that Pinterest has become wildly popular with consumers; women, in particular have been the driving force. Pinterest can be a great tool for sharing content and ideas. Make sure you offer exacly what they want to see, as 80% of its users are female – and there’s a good chance they’re a mom as well.
  • They're Loyal: Moms are 82% more likely to buy from a brand that they have connected with on social media. Chances are, they’ve seen an online review or read their friend’s recent status update about a product. As much as moms talk about brand experiences, they also listen. Brand loyalty can rise and fall with public perception of quality, which is often communicated via social media networks or review sites. Monitor both regarding your brand to stay on top of what consumers are saying.

In the world of marketing, it’s clearly important to understand your target audience to best serve them.  To learn more about what moms are doing online and how they’re interacting with their favorite brands, download our free white paper.

Posted by Amie Reardon

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