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3 Rewards Program Tactics That Moms Love

May 13, 2014 · in Research

rewards programs moms love

Rewards programs provide many benefits to moms and brands alike. From discounts to free products, there are many incentives for consumers to join a rewards program – at little extra cost to the brand. Rewards programs encourage repeat purchases, foster brand loyalty, and can transform consumers into brand advocates. However, as more than 65% of marketers implement a rewards program for their brand, it can be difficult for moms to know which to join. This can be especially true if a rewards program doesn’t successfully differentiate itself from others in the same brand genre.

For brand marketers, it’s important to know which type of rewards program will best appeal to a target audience of moms. From grocery stores to the corner café, rewards programs are very appealing to moms who look to save a little where she can. But how can your brand’s rewards program capture her attention and earn her business?

Here are 3 rewards program approaches that brands can leverage to make their offering stand out from the rest:

  1. Use an Umbrella Rewards Program: This rewards approach packages all of a parent company’s brands into one rewards program. Three out of 4 moms prefer a broader rewards program at the parent company level, rather than the brand level, while 59% of moms said they would buy additional products from a parent company if doing so resulted in more loyalty points. Programs that include multiple brands or products allow companies to cross-sell across categories and gain exposure to a wider range of consumers. There is also a large incentive for moms to join umbrella rewards programs, since they earn more rewards and discounts by purchasing different products by the same company.

    A great example of a portfolio-wide rewards program is seen in Kellogg, where the one program is used for more than 90% of the brand's products. Kellogg’s Family Rewards incentivizes consumers to purchase their products as it provides codes on each product’s packaging that consumers can submit online to earn points. These points can then be exchanged for discounts and prizes. This program has even further benefits for Kellogg, as it gives the brand insight into who is purchases their products when and where, which enables them to track over 2.5 billion packages.

    kellogs family rewards program
  2. Reward more than just purchases: Another approach to a brand’s rewards program is to reward consumers based on other actions in addition to purchases. Social media-loving moms share their opinions about products on a daily basis, and there is a growing opportunity for brands to leverage this behavior. Some brands have begun to reward customers for their social media activity and their user-generated content. This approach is proven to work – 57% of moms on Facebook said they will "Like" a brand's page on Facebook when offered a reward; while 92% of those moms said they would be more likely to share brand content, post reviews, or purchase additional brand products if incentivized. Moms enjoy the idea of earning rewards based on their brand engagement, and this provides even further benefits for the brand through increased exposure.

    Lancôme, a luxury cosmetics brand popular among moms, recently launched Lancôme Elite Rewards, which aims to reward customers for their social media engagement along with their purchases. Consumers receive points when they connect with the brand on social media, share their favorite products, and when they watch online beauty tutorials. Consumers can redeem their points for Lancôme products and gain access to special events.

    lancome makeup elite rewards program
  3. Make it personal: Instead of offering the same rewards and perks to your entire customer base, analyze consumer data to determine which rewards best suit individual interests, and allocate rewards accordingly. Based on individual consumer habits, brands can offer targeted rewards geared toward geographic location, how it’s accessed (ex: via smartphone or direct mail), and purchase habits. Moms increasingly want rewards that are tailored to their specific needs, which provides a choice of rewards or incentives based on their past purchases. It is also important to understand how consumers interact with your brand to determine how to best leverage your rewards program with each individual customer. Clearly define your goals – whether it’s to increase purchases, build a loyal long-term customer, or have customers refer friends. Personalization drives loyalty, so don’t let your brand miss out on devoted consumers with a weak rewards program.

A successful illustration of a personalized rewards program is seen with Office Depot. Office Depot has recognized the need to deliver rewards that directly benefit customers through their Office Depot Rewards program. This program allows consumers to gain rewards as they buy products and services, create an online profile, and recycle ink and toner cartridges. When consumers sign up for the program, they are asked to select one of three membership types – Local Business, Loyal Customer, or Star Teacher. Based on the selection, members will receive personalized offers specifically for them. This customer-centric program gives members the flexibility to manage their own rewards as they earn points in the ways it matters most to them.

office depot rewards program

Rewards programs can shape the way moms make purchase decisions. Deliver creative approaches that benefit moms as well as gain insight into consumer data for your brand to improve your products and services. To learn more about how moms will interact with your brand, download our free white paper.


Posted by Carly Botelho

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