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5 Simple Tips For Content Marketing to Moms

October 10, 2013 · in Content Marketing

Marketers are always looking for ways to reach Mom, the powerful household CEO. Moms are always in search of products and services that solve a problem and have a purpose. When traditional marketing, social media and advertising no longer yield great results, we turn to content marketing.

The key to generating quality content lies in how much value it has to the consumer, which in this case, is mom. Simply regurgitating statistics, news or images won’t help consumers and definitely won’t elevate your brand’s image.

Here are 5 simple tips to creating fabulous content for moms:

  1. Be a resource. Use social media, online communities or the company blog to give tips, advice, tutorials, videos, news updates, etc to moms. Through their site, Kellogg’s is the ultimate resource for moms because they offer a wealth of recipes, healthy snack options, activities, coupons, and more – all categorized in an easy-to-find way.

    content marketing to moms
  2. Build a community. Moms want to hear from other moms that are in the same situation. Use your brand to relate to moms and give them a place to express their thoughts, questions or opinions with other moms.
  3. Create mobile content. A majority of moms use their smart phones to look up information while on the go. Offer deals, location tools, and basic information that is accessible on their phone for easy access.
  4. Entertain her. An overwhelming amount of successful content marketing is done with a sense of humor. Appeal to mom’s funny bone and she’ll keep coming back for more. Remember: you don't need to create the next big thing in viral marketing in order to be successful. Know what mom's find funny and you'll see plenty of Retweets and Likes. 
  5. Be creative. This means spending time on crafting a message or image that feels real, personal and relatable. Rather than using stock images, create brand-centric visual content that isn’t generic, take the time to develop a cohesive content plan that spans all media (social, blog, video, etc), and consider how can use moms themselves to create or contribute content. 

It takes time and considerable evaluation by the marketing team to make content a real and working part of a brand’s marketing strategy. As moms solidify their role as the household CEO, it becomes more clear that appealing to their zest for information is the way to boost consumer confidence and, ultimately, sales. For next steps in content marketing to moms, including how to build a content team, an editorial calendar, and the technology to support your content, check out the free white paper, How to Create Fabulous Content for Moms

Posted by Katie Petrillo

content marketing to moms