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5 More Brands that Rock Pinterest for Moms

September 28, 2015 · in Social Media

Millennial moms are increasingly focused on visual content, especially when it comes to social media. Because of this, Pinterest stands out to this audience as an easy way to find visual inspiration. Millennial moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest  than the average adult because it provides exactly what they want – new, creative, and inspirational content. Pinterest has also successfully tapped into buying habits of moms, as 43% of moms bought something because they saw it on Pinterest – a statistic that highlights Pinterest’s marketing power.

Previously, we created a list of 6 brands that rock Pinterest for moms. Here’s a list of 5 more brands that caught our attention so far this year: 

  1. Lowe’s: Home Décor and DIY and Crafts are two of the most popular Pinterest categories for moms, as 40% of users pin home images, and 34% pin about DIY projects. Lowe’s rocks Pinterest, with nearly 3.5 million followers. Their Pinterest profile is all about DIY and inspiration for home improvement. Their Build It! board is full of buzz, receiving tens of thousands of repins. It features vibrant visuals that grab moms’ attention. Moms love the Build It! board because it contains easy, manageable, and creative project ideas for the home. In fact, one DIY doormat project received over 200,000 repins, which clearly demonstrates how popular their pins are.

  2. Cheerios: Moms often feel misunderstood by brands. It’s important for brands to note that moms are not all the same, and they should embrace diversity amongst their target audience. Cheerios successfully reaches and resonates with many different types of moms and families – especially on Pinterest. We love their Cheerios Families board and #FamilyLove board as both of them contain unique family photos and messages. These boards increase engagement with the Cheerios brand, taking advantage of moms’ love of family values.
  3. Khol’s: Vacation and tourism categories are amongst the top ten most popular pins for Millennial moms. Khol’s nailed their Pinterest page with their recent #DestinationSummer campaign. Each week Khol’s virtually “traveled” to and pinned a new destination using the location pin feature on their #DestinationSummer shared board. Khol’s also pinned their own seasonal products that fit with each destination. This board not only provides inspiration for travel and vacations, but it also markets useful products in a unique and fun way. We love this board because it’s completely creative and captivating – and moms clearly agreed!

  4. Etsy: Millennials make up over half of the individuals creating crafts and undertaking DIY projects, while also spending twice as much money to do so. Etsy is a top brand for millennial moms on Pinterest because of its inspirational craft and DIY ideas, tutorials, and unique items. There are interesting pins for virtually any mom, as Etsy’s page contains pinned items for sale as well as content from different brands. Their Guest Pinner program includes pins from various sources such as Etsy sellers, bloggers, and other successful brands to showcase diversity and unique tastes. Etsy's Stuff We Love board stands out because of its varied pin selection. It captures a wide variety of interests – DIY, food, kids, home, fashion, hair, education, and more.
  5. Zulily: In the last 5 years, Zulily has rapidly taken off. This mom-approved brand has successfully reached millennial moms, as it reports at least 4.5 million customers which are estimated to spend $1.2 billion in 2015. Zulily’s Pinterest boards are full of content moms love: Back to School 2015, Kids’ Activities, Health, Fitness, and Workout, and Kids’ Bedroom Playroom ideas and more. Zulily’s Recipes to Try board is impressive, with a selection of 1,500 amazing food recipes for all different occasions and celebrations. We loved that they used mostly vertical pins, many with multiple images that showcased the different steps of the recipe. They paired that visual piece with attention-grabbing descriptions for a successful result. Zulily smartly targeted the interests of moms with this board, as 57% of users pin or share food images.

When executed successfully, Pinterest is a powerful tool to market to moms. Brands must be aware of what’s popular and trending in the world of modern moms, and their content should be innovative and unique to successfully engage with their target audience. To learn more about how brands can create their own fabulous content for moms, download our free white paper.



Posted by Amie Reardon