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6 Ways to Shape Your Display Advertising Plan

April 02, 2014 · in Advertising

display advertising

Display advertising is everywhere. The average person views 1,700 banner ads a month. According to ComScore, over 5.3 trillion display ads were served to U.S. users in 2012 alone. Online display ads continue to grow in numbers, with an estimated 17% annual average growth over the next five years. However, online display advertising has proven to not always be effective. The average banner ad has a 0.1% clickthrough rate, with two-thirds of Internet users not clicking on any display ads over the course of a month.

Advertisers may ask themselves, why are more dollars being allocated to display ads if they produce weak results? There are growing methods that can make these advertisements more worthwhile and drive more web traffic. Especially if your target audience is moms, pay attention to these 6 tips to improve your display advertising.

  1. Shift to content display ads: Use your blog, social media, and website content to fuel your display advertising. Incorporate your content marketing efforts into online display ads to get your brand noticed amidst a sea of ads. Use the ads to deliver your content to consumers. This will allow more people to view your brand’s messaging and let them see what practical content it has to offer. Moms enjoy ads that have useful content, and will take the time to engage with them. Provide helpful facts, ideas, or inspirations to get moms to notice your ad. 
  2. Don’t make viewers leave the page: Why are clickthrough rates so low? People don’t click on ads because they may no trust where the ad will take them, and they will be directed away from the webpage they are currently on. Utilize a display ad that engages the customer without them having to immediately leave the webpage, and you may see better results. Whether through animated ads or emerging video ad formats, give the user a more memorable brand experience through the ad itself.
  3. Appropriately target your ads: One of the huge benefits of display advertising is the ability to target effectively. You can target specific segments of your target audience with personalized messaging. Additionally, produce several versions of brand messaging and track how they perform within specific segments. For instance, an offer for a repeat customer should be different from one for a new customer. 70% of moms are receptive to ads that are relevant to their current online activities versus only 30% for ads that aren’t. Place your display ads on the right web pages at the right time for better results. Moms are also large users of social media, so keep Facebook ads in mind for another very targeted way of getting her attention.
  4. Offer promotions or coupons: According to Burst Media, “Online ads that offer product coupons, sales promotion codes and/or other incentives resonate better with moms." If mom is online shopping for a specific product and an ad appears which offers a promo code for 20% off – she will probably go with that brand over another. These ads are great for first-time customers or moms who are in the research stage of product purchase. For example, if a customer leaves your webpage without a purchase, the ability to offer them a coupon on social media could be the right push they need to purchase.
  5. Make ads interactive: Moms are more likely to engage with ads that are interactive, especially when on a tablet. This rich media allows the viewer to engage with what is happening – whether it is a video, animation, sound, image, or moving text. Use rich media to separate yourself from other display ads, and offer quality content to make the ad even more engaging.
  6. Bring your ads to mobile devices: Moms are constantly on their smartphones. Ads that provide interactive content are more likely to grab moms’ attention while they’re on the go. Videos are especially popular on mobile devices, along with games and surveys. Make sure your website is fully compatible with mobile devices before you start mobile display ads.

The world of digital advertising is evolving from outdated banner ads to engaged ads that give consumers valuable content. Invest time to reevaluate your online display ads, and see if there is more you can do to better engage consumers. To learn more about the digital mom and her online habits, download our free white paper.



Posted by Carly Botelho

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