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How Do Moms Consume Branded Content?

October 03, 2013 · in Content Marketing

You’ve heard it before. Moms are one of the fastest growing user groups of new technology and social media. The question is, what are moms doing online, on social media and on their mobile devices?

In short, they’re consuming content. Lots and lots of content. From news articles to videos on E! to pareting advice forums, moms consume a great deal of content in the course of the day. As a brand or agency, you need to have a firm grasp on the types of content moms consume (it varies based on their stage in life), how they find it, and what they’re doing with it.

Take a look at these 12 telling stats that provide insight on moms and how they consume content on a daily basis:

  1. Nearly 40% of moms report that going online represents the most peaceful part of their day. (21st Century Mom)
  2. Moms in need of advice turn to search engines. 60% of visits to baby care websites are search engine traffic. (ComScore)
  3. 2 out of 3 moms view social networks as a source of information. (M2Moms)
  4. About three out of every four moms use parenting social media for brand & product recommendations. (BabyCenter)
  5. 36% of moms have made a purchase because of a sponsored ad on a social network. (
  6. Mobile shopping is rising in popularity, with 34% of moms doing their shopping this way in 2012. (Tech Journal)
  7. When they're interesting in the subject matter, 68% of consumers wil take the time to read content from brands.  (Media Post)
  8. 27% of moms use Instagram, compared to just 15% of the general population. (BabyCenter)
  9. Videos make an impact; 59% of moms are influenced by how to videos for products. (Buzz Marketing Group)
  10. Just over 50% of moms look to parenting sites on social media for parenting information and advice. (BabyCenter)
  11. By 2014, more than 20 million online moms will read blogs. (TheNextWeb)
  12. About 62% of moms would pay more attention to ads if the content related to her lifestyle or personality. (BabyCenter)

A few key themes stand out from this selection of data. First, content is not distinct from social media. Rather, content relies on social media for distribution. In fact, many moms make social media their first stop when looking for a product or ideas. Mom-focused brands want to ensure they have relevant, interesting content for moms to find there. Second, moms are more than willing to watch and read content from brands. But, it must be related to their needs and problems in order for them to take note. Be aware of your target audience - what do your moms go online or on social media to find? 

For more informative data on how digital moms, check out the free white paper.

Posted by Katie Petrillo

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