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How Brands Can Win Big With Moms: Help Her Entertain

December 02, 2013 · in Content Marketing
Brands are always seeking new and unique ways to reach and provide value to moms. One surefire win with moms: help her entertain. To host a party and entertain guests is a very traditional concept that is coming back to life, much thanks to the rise of Pinterest. The social media site has turned into a search engine that moms turn to when they needs ideas, especially when it comes to party themes, invitations, decorations, and more. 
From food and beverage to gifts and flowers, almost no brand is immune from the impact that entertaining has on the bottom line. It’s up to brands to make a focused effort and offer moms what they need to entertain and be the ultimate party host. Here are a few ways brands can help their consumers entertain: 
Start an online content portal: Generating brand awareness through traditional advertising can certainly be effective. However, in order to get your snack brand invited to the party, it’s more favorable to catch hosts before they’ve finalized the menu. The place to do this is online. That’s where hosts are working on their party details and to-do lists, and it’s when brands can reach them with coupons or special promotions. Create a new arm of your website dedicated to entertaining that includes recipes, great photography, tips for hosting, party theme ideas, general etiquette, and more. 
Offer tips & ideas: Hosts have a lot on their plate (pun intended) and even the best party host can be overwhelmed with how to entertain her guests. But party hosts need your products and they need your expertise. A great way for snack brands to create brand loyal customers is by offering tips and advice to help make their planning efforts easier. Tell them what to buy for certain occasions and how much they need. Tell them how to best serve and present your product. Give them creative, but easy, recipes that they can make for their event. And do it in a way that makes the host look creative and thoughtful.
Create unique recipes: Remember, it’s critical to provide real value to hosts during the planning process. A common question that hosts have is, “How do I make that great recipe?” Many times, hosts will have had a snack at a previous party and want to recreate it at their own. General Mills’ ChexMix, for example, offers their Muddy Buddies recipe online and on select boxes. This recipe is not only easy to make but is a tasty treat for guests at a party. By having easy DIY recipes on party snacks packaging, you show the host that your brand understands her problems and can help address them.
Show, don’t just tell: Great presentation adds a ‘wow’ factor to the party, especially when it comes to snacks, but it can be a burden for hosts to come up with new and different presentation ideas. Use your brand’s social media pages, like Pinterest, to show hosts interesting alternatives to organize party snacks that present the food in a festive way. These ideas inspire hosts to carry out these suggestions and will be thankful you did the creative legwork for them.
These are just a few ways your brand can help consumers, especially moms, entertain for everyday occasions and special holidays. For more ideas on how to reach this audience, download the free white paper.

Posted by Katie Petrillo

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