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An Effective Approach to Connecting with Moms on Social Media

February 07, 2014 · in Content Marketing

Reach moms on social media, and you will influence their purchasing decisions. According to Sharon Vinderine of Parent Tested, Parent Approved, moms are 82% more likely to buy from a brand that they have connected with on social media. Mom buys everything for her household, for her children, for her husband, and beyond – therefore, her opinion matters greatly. Make a strong mom connection to influence her buying habits and to attract her as an audience. Here are 5 ways to use social media to connect with moms:

  • Be relevant: Moms want to connect with brands they trust. However, it’s not enough to simply be present on social media – you must be relevant. According to emarketer, 88% of brands will use social media marketing in 2014. Along with a strong social media presence, you must also engage customers on a personal level. Write content that speaks to moms, actively responds to moms’ needs, and asks for moms’ ideas or advice. All of these practices will make your social media channels more relevant than others.
  • Be a resource: Use your social media platform to deliver useful content, including recipes, activity ideas, or amusing anecdotes. Everyone loves coupons, but when the posts on your social media platform are engaging and fun, moms will spend more time there. Other popular content can include activities, DIY projects, storytelling, and parenting advice. Content that is directly related to your brand, but isn’t too promotional of a message, can be very effective. Keep your content creative and captivating.
  • Be visual: Dynamic, eye-catching images work best. Think of all the Pinterest images that have gone viral – they're well-composed, clear, and often useful. Images catch peoples’ attention and will cause them to read further, as well as leave them with a strong impression. Not only do images draw people in, but 32% of moms make a purchase because they saw a picture on Pinterest. (MarketingCharts) However, double check that the images you choose correctly reflect your brand message. For example, post images relating to a step-by-step DIY craft that mom can do with her kids after school using products from your brand line. Don’t forget that videos can also be a compelling visual aspect.
  • Be current: No one wants to read about the movie from three months ago, the holiday that passed weeks ago, or the clothing styles from last season. Post information that is fresh and useful to keep moms’ attention and help her make daily decisions. Your creative insight could help mom solve a problem, or bring new ideas to her daily routine. Contests can be a good way to keep mom up to date on what’s new with your brand, and also keep her engaged through participation. Stay current and have timely content to stay on moms’ radar.
  • Be consistent: The use of too many different social media platforms can cause brand confusion – and cost you valuable time. Most likely, several contributors are posting and monitoring your brand’s content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, and more. All of these channels have different goals; use them in a strategic manner to be most effective. Be sure to keep your brand messaging consistent across all channels to not confuse mom. She wants to know that you are truthful and sincere in what is posted, so ensure that the content across all channels is applicable and important to moms.

Connecting with moms on social media is critical to brand success. Take another look at your social media channels to make sure they are properly engaging mom. To learn more about moms and social media trends, download our free white paper.



Posted by Carly Botelho