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12 Pretty Wild Stats About Moms and their Smartphones

December 09, 2013 · in Content Marketing

You know moms use their smartphones a lot, but are they addicted? From driving directions to photos on Facebook to texting, moms truly use their smartphones for just about everything. Except for phone calls, ironically enough. See for yourself in these 12 mind-blowing stats about just how much moms rely on their smartphones:

  1. 51% of moms say they are addicted to their smartphones. Mojiva
  2. 64% of moms own smartphones, 9% more than the general population. Edison Research
  3. Nine out of ten moms have their phone by their side while shopping in stores, watching TV, in the car, in bed and in the kitchen. eMarketer
  4. Moms spend an average of 6.1 hours per day on their smartphones. TechCrunch
  5. 89% of smartphone moms say their phone is almost always within arm’s reach. Edison Research
  6. Moms are also 284% more likely than the average adult to text their friends rather than call them. Heartland Mobile Council
  7. 88% of moms say they use their smartphone to search for information. eMarketer
  8. Nearly a quarter of moms’ app downloads are for her kids. Heartland Mobile Council
  9. 56% of smartphone owning moms use GPS tracking to monitor their family. Uber Media
  10. Two-thirds of moms use their smartphone at least once a day to browse the internet. Converse Digital
  11. 34% of moms did more than half of their shopping via mobile in 2012. Tech Journal
  12. 53% of moms said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom. Heartland Mobile Council


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Posted by Katie Petrillo