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How Brands Can Create Fabulous Content For Moms

January 31, 2013 · in Content Marketing

You’ve heard it a million times. Content is king.

But what does that even mean?

Don’t let you or your brand drown in the overwhelming sea of information around content marketing. Wrap your head around the term, figure out how to get started, and learn best practices for targeting moms with the new white paper for brand marketers and agencies, “How Brands Can Create Fabulous Content for Moms.”

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The challenge of reaching moms grows everyday as the social and digital landscapes become more and more crowded. Content marketing provides a solution to this challenge by broadening the scope of a brand and building a deep brand awareness.

While the term ‘content marketing’ jumps off marketers’ tongues these days, it’s not a solution that’s easy to start. A great content marketing strategy requires a clear focus, an understanding of your audience, some great writers, and ultimately, a lot of useful content. Here are a couple tips from the white paper that you’ll want to take back to your marketing team:

Choose a content focus

Your customers have challenges. Help solve them through your content marketing strategy. Ensure that the overall focus of your content provides a unique solution to customers, but also be sure the message is focused. Too many messages confuse customers and they’ll just bounce from your site.

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Select a channel

Part of the reason why content marketing seems overwhelming is the sheer number of places to distribute that content. But you know your customers. Where are they spending time online? For Punchbowl, we know through the research of others and our findings that the majority of moms are on Facebook, but only a small percentage of moms are on Twitter. Armed with that information, we feel confident we’ll reach the most moms by focusing our content efforts on Facebook.

Boost your brand’s reputation

Moms are the first ones to spot weak or bland content. You’ll need to be in tune with what they’re looking for, what other content is already out there, and how your brand can bring something new to the table. Boost the reputation of your brand – and your content - by consistently citing your sources, adding author bylines and bios to your content (create subject matter experts that keep them coming back for more), and use well-known chefs, stylists, designers, etc to be advocates for your brand.

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Ortega partners with Sandra Lee from the Food Network to add klout to their recipes. 

Read all ten tips when you download the full white paper, How Brands Can Create Fabulous Content for Moms, and get your content marketing plan off the ground today.

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