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10 Of The Best Mom-Approved Brands On Twitter

July 31, 2014 · in Social Media

From your favorite snack food to the local coffee shop, a brand’s Twitter feed is an important marketing tool – especially to an audience of discerning moms. Moms are always on a quest for the best way to run their household and care for their family. When a brand’s Tweets offer useful tips or information, it increases its chance of making a connection with consumers.

We pulled together a list of trusted brands with great examples of how a Twitter account should be used to market to moms. Here are 10 of our favorites and what they’ve done to attract moms’ attention:

Oreo (@Oreo): This timeless cookie has done an excellent job of offering unique, amusing, and relevant content through its Twitter feed. Appealing to kids and moms alike, Oreo delights consumers in an effort to boost sales. From product announcements of its new Oreo Minis to creative animated GIFs, Oreo definitely stands out among other brands.

Oreo on Twitter

Huffy (@HuffyBicycle): While they are still growing their Twitter presence, Huffy Bicycles appeals to a sense of nostalgia with their “Still Your Ride®” tagline. Not every mom will remember her first bike ride, but she’s sure to remember her child’s first. They’ve also used Twitter to promote their popular YouTube video, which features a kid that tries to convince mom to drop everything and hop back on her Huffy.

Hamburger Helper (@helper): With a clever conversational tone and easy-to-remember Twitter handle, Hamburger Helper connects with busy moms looking for quick dinner ideas. This friendly brand has successfully leveraged eye-catching images with witty captions through a very approachable Twitter presence.

Hamburger Helper on Twitter

Starbucks (@Starbucks): When busy moms need a pick-me-up, they often turn to Starbucks. This coffee giant also offers moms product news, this week’s featured #PickoftheWeek artist, coffee-inspired images, #Protip suggestions, and more. They also remind them to remember their #TreatReceipt!

Starbucks on Twitter

Target (@Target): This beloved brand among moms offers deals, tips, conversation, and exclusives via its Twitter account. They also do an excellent job of interacting with other mom-approved brands that they carry, such as @FisherPrice, @Samsungtweets, and @Honest. Going a step further, they also interact with customers who have mentioned them, further connecting brand to consumer.

Fisher-Price (@FisherPrice): Through parenting advice, personal stories, activity ideas and more, Fisher-Price truly owns their Twitter presence. They use clever hashtags such as #YouKnowYoureAMomWhen, #ParentTruth, and #PregnancyTruth to interact with both moms and brands.

Ikea (@DesignByIKEA): IKEA helps moms entertain guests, decorate their homes, and more – all at reasonable prices. With design tips, inspiration and beyond, it’s no wonder that they’ve built a loyal Twitter following. They’ve also utilized hashtags to help consumer easily find their content, cush as #IKEAcatalog, #IKEAHomeTour, and #IKEAFAMILY.

Clorox (@Clorox): A snippet from their Twitter bio says it all: “We laugh in the face of mess.” Clorox’s Twitter feed is full of product news, amusing photos, and of course cleaning tips. Moms trust Clorox to keep their homes clean, and can use this iconic brand’s Tweets as a helpful resource.

Clorox on Twitter

Pillsbury (@Pillsbury): Pillsbury’s Twitter feed offers mom quick-prep dinner tips, recipe ideas, photos from other followers and more. Even a quick skim through their Tweets will inspire moms to dream up their next dinner or dessert with hashtags such as #cobbler, #pizza, #icecream and more.

Charmin (@Charmin): Last but not least, we have Charmin. They haven’t been afraid to push the envelope in their marketing tactics, and it’s surely stood out to moms everywhere. With playful hashtags like #TweetFromTheSeat, #thatawkwardmoment, and #CharminRelief, they differentiate themselves out from the competition. They also run numerous contests that appeal to moms.

Brands must carefully consider their Twitter strategy to ensure consumers are getting what they want out of Tweets. Offer what your target audience seeks from a brand, and you may see higher levels of brand engagement.  To learn more about how to reach moms on Twitter, download our free white paper.




Posted by Amie Reardon

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