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How Moms On-the-Go Engage with Brands

October 31, 2013 · in Content Marketing

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As moms spend more time on their smartphones and tablets, they also engage more with brands. From social media to shopping to advertising, moms see a lot more from brands because they’re constantly connected through these devices. With that comes many opportunities for brands to target moms with specific messaging around the device, which is a new world for many. Let’s look at the key mobile touch points for this powerful audience:

Social Media

In 2012, 46% of moms visited social media sites multiple times each day. This is a big jump from 37% in 2011 and 32% in 2010.Why the love for social media? Moms trust the opinions of other moms, and social media allows them to connect and share about products or brands they use and trust.

The rise of social media usage among moms emphasizes the need for mom-focused brands to have a strong, clear, and consistent social media presence, accessible through desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. However, there is still much room for improvement: only 14% of mobile websites integrate with the Facebook “Like” function and just 31% include product detail sharing on Facebook.Without the technology in place for customers to easily share your brand’s content on social media sites, you lose out on valuable recommendations and social sharing.


Mobile has already proven to be a popular method of purchase among moms. 62% of connected moms use a shopping appand 93% of moms made a purchase on a tablet in the last month. In fact, 1 out of 3 moms who shop using a mobile device do so more than half of the time. Moms enjoy the ability to shop directly from their smartphones and tablets but they also use their devices to research ahead of the purchase. Brands will want to keep this process in mind as they design their websites and select advertising for specific products.

mobile moms


Mobile ads are proving to be a tricky nut to crack for marketers. When looking at both tablets and smartphones, experts expect to see interaction with ads on tablets to grow more quickly than smartphones. This is mostly due to the larger screen on a tablet that makes it easier to click on and consume the content. This also offers more real estate for the ad, which is a benefit for the marketers. Also, moms tend to use their tablets when they have more time, such as sitting down on the couch after the kids are in bed. This allows them more freedom to click on ads and explore.

While we know interactions with smarpthones and tablets are on the rise, this mobile world is one that marketers haven’t quite nailed down yet and 2014 could be the year where big strides are made, particularly around advertising. For now, brands should take note that tablet owners specifically cite features (like zoom and rotate) and portability as key reasons why they purchase more via that device, and social media tends to be accessed on-the-go from their smartphone. With these habits, tablets open the door for more direct response advertising and smartphones lend themselves more toward branding exercises.

For more on moms and their on-the-go devices, download the free white paper, A Marketer’s Guide to Reaching Moms on Mobile.

Posted by Katie Petrillo

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