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Ten Best Apps Your Brand Wishes It Developed

July 18, 2013 · in Content Marketing
With 60% of moms using a smartphone, it’s no wonder they are becoming more and more comfortable utilizing all of its capabilities. Moms use their phones and tablets to manage their many aspects of their life, from the moment they get up to the end of the day. According to eMarketer, “Mothers are more likely to access games, social media, and health information, and somewhat more likely to check the weather, listen to music, or shop via mobile.” 
Mobile and tablet apps appeal to moms for a variety of reasons. They are affordable (most are free, or at most, just a few dollars), extremely useful for daily tasks, provide entertainment during downtime, help you stay in touch with people, provide easy access to social media and, most importantly, are accessible when mom is on-the-go. 
So, with thousands to choose from, which smartphone and tablet apps are mom’s favorites? We took inventory of the top-rated and most popular applications available and narrowed it down to the top ten that span parenting, finance, entertainment and more. 
mobile apps1) Mint: An all-in-one money management app, Mint keeps track of all credit cards, bank accounts, investments, budgets, incoming money and spending. One helpful feature: Mint helps users keep a budget for things like groceries, gas, playtime, and more. Super keen on security measures, Mint can be deactivated online if phone is lost. 
2) Starbucks: It’s hard for moms not to love an app that cures their much-needed caffeine. Moms can pay for their order directly from their phone and also allows them to rack up points that add up for future savings. 
3) Shop Saavy: Budget-conscious moms love this app because it allows her to compare prices across several different stores in the area to find the cheapest option. Stocked with over 22 million items, this app covers school supplies, groceries, and more. 
4) Mom Maps: More than just another navigation app, Mom Maps searches for nearby parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and other kid-friendly destinations based on the phone’s location. Simply tap on the destination and it displays the address, directions and reviews. 
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5) Total Baby: For many moms, it can be overwhelming to manage all the change that comes with a new baby. This app allows mom to log everything related to baby, from diaper changes to bath times. 
6) PBS Kids: A no-brainer for most busy moms, PBS has assembled a healthy amount of clips and full shows for on-the-go kid entertainment. Easy to navigate and chock-full of trusted content, moms can use this app to buy them a little more time while running errands. 
7) Pandora: A favorite among moms and kids, Pandora lets you create playlists with favorite musicians and types of music. A rotating stream of music is then built based on your preferences making music a no-brainer. 
8) Instagram: It’s rare to see mom pull out a camera when using a smartphone is just as easy and more convenient. Instagram lets mom style photos with a large variety of filters and they can all be shared instantly on her social media pages. 
mobile apps9) Allrecipes: Host to a huge database of recipes created by users, mom can scroll through favorites, find a new recipe and, check out last-minute meal options using the DinnerSpinner tool. 
10) WebMD: Every mother knows that mysterious fevers, rashes and illness can pop up at the most inconvenient times. WebMD makes doing research a little easier when the doctor isn’t available. The app also includes first aid tips, drug warnings and local health listings. 
On average, moms spend over six hours per day on their smartphones. Designing and developing useful, content-rich applications that make their life a little easier (or more fun) is a worthwhile investment that ensures your brand is accessible to it’s core consumer. To learn more stats about digital moms, download our whitepaper, Moms & Digital: 20 Stats About Tech-Loving Mamas.
Posted by Jessica Noble

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