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How to Reach the Digital Mom of 2014

January 02, 2014 · in Content Marketing

digital moms

Today’s mom, also known as the household CEO, is one of the most active populations when it comes to online communities and digital devices. Moms use social media 20% more than the average population, and they’re 13% more likely to own a tablet.

My recent Engage:Moms column focused on how tech-savvy today’s moms are, and as marketers, we’re constantly given data and information on which devices they’re using and what they do online. It can be a burden to keep up. However, in the last month, I took a deep dive into the research on digital moms and found 5 key areas where brands can make an impact with this powerful audience. Here are 2 of those important areas:

1. Social media: Moms are one of the most active groups on social media, especially on sites like Pinterest and Facebook. In fact, two-thirds of moms think they can make an impact on brands by stating their opinion on social media networks. 

TAKEAWAY: Ensure the content you feature on social media addresses a vexing issue for moms or offers them something unique they can’t get elsewhere. 

2. Smartphones: More than half of moms say they’re actually addicted to their smartphones. This addiction isn’t for fun; it’s out of necessity. Moms use their phones to coordinate with babysitters and daycare, manage the family’s finances, and even refill their prescriptions. 

TAKEAWAY: Brands that fulfill a particular need with an app or mobile experience will cement their spot on mom’s smartphone. 

Check out the complete column in Engage:Moms for all 5 ways to reach the digital mom and for more data on these topics, download the free white paper

Posted by Katie Petrillo

digital moms