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20 Stats About Candy and Celebrations

July 22, 2013 · in Content Marketing

The connection between candy and the $38 billion celebrations industry couldn’t be stronger (or sweeter!) Candy is found at almost every major holiday and special event, from Halloween and Christmas parties to kids birthday parties and baby showers. Party hosts use candy not only as a treat for guests to enjoy, but creatively in recipes, group activities, party favors, and more.

In order for candy marketers to craft targeted strategies that connect with party hosts and their guests, they must first understand the integral role candy plays in all types of celebrations. Take a look at these 20 stats that show the powerful role candy plays in the celebrations industry:

1)   The United States candy market is expected to reach $35 billion by 2016. (

2)   Americans spend over $29 billion on candy every year. (

3)   51% of overall candy consumers purchase seasonal or holiday candy. (Supermarket News)

4)   The average household spends $44 dollars on Halloween candy. (

5)   Americans buy over 120 million pounds of candy for Easter making it the 2nd largest candy holiday. (WebProNews)

6)   According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, 9 out of 10 consumers who celebrate Easter will stock up on candy, spending an average of $20.66 on sugary confections. (Forbes)

7)   The Natl. Confectioner’s Association polled 1,000 adults and 89% said candy played a role in their holiday by:

- Placing candy in a bowl: 72%

- Giving/receiving a box of chocolates: 70%

- Giving/receiving a holiday stocking filled with goodies: 63%

- Creating a gingerbread house: 19% (National Confectioners Association)

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8)   Americans spend $345 million on Valentine's Day candy. (

9)   American men say they'd rather receive chocolates than flowers on Valentine's Day. (National Confectioners Association)

10)   Necco produces 10 million to 14 million pounds of their iconic 'Sweathearts' candy per year. (Forbes)

easter candt11)   Snickers is consumers’ most preferred candy bar. (LA Times Blog)

12)   16 billion jelly beans are produced for the Easter season. (InfoPlease)

13)   Candy That’s Breaking the Mold:

- Caramels cooked with a reduction of a specialty craft beer and crushed pretzels

- Saltwater taffy with bergamot and coconut

- Chocolate with chile infused flavors

- Peanut brittle laced with chipotle peppers and rosemary (

14)   25% of the candy industry’s revenue is made during Halloween. (LA Times Blog

15)   More than 150 million chocolate Santas will be made for the winter holiday season.(National Confectioners Association)

16)   Over 90 million chocolate bunnies are produced each year, which makes them the most popular Easter candy. (InfoPlease)

17)   The winter holidays — not Valentine's Day — represent the biggest boxed chocolate selling season.(National Confectioners Association)

18)   76% of households serve Hershey’s Kisses at Halloween.(LA Times Blog)

19)   More than 36 million heart- shaped boxes of chocolate are sold for Valentine's Day.(National Confectioners Association)

20)   28% of people buy candy for holiday entertaining.(Supermarket News)

Now you have the facts. What can brand marketers and agencies do with them? Download the free whitepaper to learn how and where to target party hosts and their guests, as well as strategies to position candy brands for success in the celebrations industry. 

Posted by Katie Petrillo

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