Mummy Halloween Costume

“Mummify” yourself for Halloween this year with a do-it-yourself mummy Halloween costume. Show off your creativity with homemade mummy costume ideas, or purchase one at your local party supply store.

Here are some tips for how to make a Halloween mummy yourself:

Step 1: The Base
Prepare to turn yourself into a Halloween mummy with a few simple and easy steps for creating mummy costumes. First, cover your face in white mummy makeup. Purchase a white long sleeve shirt and white spandex pants. Wear white socks and shoes. Tie long hair back with an elastic, and even consider temporary white hair spray to make it blend in with your mummy costume. Paint your fingernails and even toenails white (if you plan to wear flip flops).

Step 2: Mummify Yourself
Visit a fabric store to purchase white fabric. Measure how much you need in advance. One way to do this is to wrap toilet paper around yourself and measure it before your trip to the fabric store. Rip equally-sized strips of fabric and begin wrapping your entire body. Start from your waist, and work your way down. Glue the ends of the fabric in place and make sure to keep the bottom and top sections separate in case you need a bathroom break. Cover your head and face with fabric for a mummy mask, but leave room for the eye, nose and mouth slots.

Step 3: Accessories
Differentiate your mummy costume from the rest and add unique accessories to your costume. For a male mummy, wear a baseball cap, hat or a bow tie. For a female mummy, sport a decorative and colorful necklace, belt, headband or hair bow. Choose bold colors to create great contrast from the white gauze.

Make a mummy costume for kids or for adults. Alter the size of the white shirt and white spandex, along with the white fabric based on the individual sporting the mummy get-up. Have fun, don’t spook too many people, and enter some costume contests!
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