Make a Witch Hat

 Put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume this year with these tips on how to make a witch hat. Get creative and craft your own accents to personalize your hat. If you’re particularly adventurous, you can also make a complete witch costume.

 Follow these detailed instructions to learn how to make a witch’s hat:

  •  Purchase a plain witch hat at a party store. Select one without any detail so you can work on a blank canvas. Use your personal taste to select the color of the hat. Witch hats are typically black or purple. Select a white hat to dress up as a good witch!
  •  Visit your local craft store and search for colors and patterns that suit your personality. Supplies for making a witch hat will include fabric for the lining, ribbon, polka dots, gems, sequins, feathers, and glitter.
  •  Visit your local party store for Halloween decorations. Consider spiders or other creepy crawlers, bats, and ghosts. Create a 3D effect with items that pop out or hang from the hat.
  •  Use your imagination as you apply the decorations. Lace ribbon up the front of the hat, or even the back. Use polka dots for the inside of the hat instead of a fabric lining. Glue glitter on the feathers, instead of directly on the hat. Create words or initials with a group of gems, rather than just individual gem decorations.
  •  Complete the look with your witch costume. Wear a simple black dress, or make the look dramatic with a long black skirt. Add accessories such as a belt and an accent color to complement your witch hat.  
Witch Halloween costumes may be considered traditional, but there’s plenty of room for unique self-expression. Craft something bewitching!
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