Halloween Makeup Tips

Go all out for Halloween this year with scary, cute, and sexy Halloween makeup tips. Gather the essentials such as face paint, eyeliner, fake eye lashes, fake blood capsules, glitter face paint, and traditional foundation and eyeshadow. Purchase traditional makeup and Halloween makeup based on your skin type. If you have sensitive skin make sure you select hypoallergenic options. Follow the instructions below for application!

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Here are a few Halloween makeup ideas for the glamorous and gory:

Zombie Makeup

Dress as a zombie for Halloween this year and complete your look with simple, yet scary zombie makeup tips. Paint your entire face with white face paint using a makeup sponge and use black eyeshadow around the tops, bottoms, and sides of your eyes. Wear black lipstick and create drops of blood around the sides of your mouth. Just roll out of bed (bed-head and all) and put on some zombie makeup for a fairly effortless zombie costume!

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Vampire Makeup Tips

Before you expose your vampire fangs to party guests and trick-or-treaters, apply some traditional vampire makeup. Use a makeup sponge to cover your face in white face paint. Use red eyeshadow and black eyeliner to create spooky eyes and match with red lipstick and nail polish. For the final touch, break open some fake blood capsules and create drops of blood coming down both the right and left sides of your mouth. Tell guests to, “Watch out,” or else they’ll be next!

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Cat Makeup for Halloween

Keep your claws in this Halloween and dress up as a cute or sexy cat. Start with a base of either traditional foundation or white face paint. Put black eyeliner on the bottom and top lids of your eyes and extend it well beyond the outer corners to create cat eyes. Add some glittery eyeshadow and fake eyelashes. Use black face paint to create whiskers around your nose. Add pink lipstick for a cute cat look or black lipstick for a more serious cat costume.

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