Wig Out for Halloween This Year

Wig out for Halloween this year by using a wig as the focal point of your costume. Halloween wigs are the perfect accessories for any type of costume because they instantly transform you into a character. Wigs can be used for adult and kids costumes to transform them into their favorite celebrity, historical figure, or scary creature. Here are some great Halloween wig costumes ideas for every member of the family.

Halloween wigs for women

Costume wigs for women are an effortless way to transform into a certain character. Since most women already have long hair to begin with, pick a Halloween costume wig that is different from your natural hair. Pin your hair up under the wig and enjoy being someone else for the night! Here are some great female Halloween wigs costumes to try:

  • Marilyn Monroe wig — Short blonde hair
  • Dolly Parton wig — Long blonde, wavy hair
  • Marie Antoinette wig — White curled colonial style hair
  • Cleopatra wig — long, stright black hair
  • Flapper wig — short black straight hair with bangs

Halloween wigs for men

Costume wigs for men make any Halloween outfit complete. It is important that the wig fits properly and is secure on the head. This helps avoid any mishaps while out at a Halloween bash or trick-or-treating with the kids. Here are some perfect Halloween costume wigs for men:

  • Elvis wig — black wavy hair
  • Mullet wig — short hair in the front, long in the back (any color)
  • George Washington wig — white short curled colonial style hair
  • 70s wig — brown afro hair
  • Bob Marley wig — dread lock hair

Halloween wigs for kids

Kids costume wigs are all about getting them into character and having fun! The most important thing is that the wig is comfortable and not itchy so they can keep it on all night while trick-or-treating. Here are some whimsical and fun kids Halloween costume wig ideas:

  • Hannah Montana wig — long blonde hair
  • Ariel the Mermaid wig — long, wavy red hair
  • Dracula wig — shiny short black hair
  • Pirate wig — long brown hair with braids and beads (like Captain Jack Sparrow)
  • Katy Perry — blue short hair with bangs
  • Cinderella wig — blonde up-do hair

Wigs come in all styles and colors. If you don't have a costume idea but know you want to wear a wig, try on a bunch of different wigs. Once you see the wig on, you may get inspired to take your costume in a certain direction!

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