Celebrate Halloween with a Virtual Costume Contest

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Unsure whether to Trick or Treat this year? Another way to show off those awesome costumes is through a virtual costume contest! It’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween at home and is easy to set up with digital invitations. Another bonus of a virtual costume contest is that you can invite friends and family near and far with whom you may not typically spend Halloween. The more, the merrier! 

Check out these tips for how to host an unforgettable virtual costume contest.

Halloween Invitations

Send Halloween online invitations to set the stage for the event and let your guests know about all the important details. In addition to the time and date, include a link to the video platform you plan to use, as well as instructions and how exactly costumes will be judged. If you want to customize your invite, create your own unique Halloween design with our free invitation maker layouts where you can upload your own photo or design. 

Décor & Drinks

In your invitation, encourage guests to get into the holiday spirit by setting up a festive backdrop. Award bonus points if the backdrop matches the theme of their costume! Create a signature spooky cocktail for adults or a fun Halloween-inspired drink for kids and provide the recipes in your invite. Here are a few fun Halloween punch recipes worth checking out. 
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Judges & Awards

Be sure to designate several judges well in advance of the contest and outline the contest categories. Categories can include: Best Overall Costume, Most Creative Costume, Best Homemade Costume, Scariest Costume, and Funniest Costume. For an added twist, keep the judges a surprise and only reveal them when you’re ready. Special guest judges could include sports coaches, troop leaders, your favorite neighbor, etc. 

The Contest

Hosts should be sure to play fun Halloween music in the background before the start of the contest. After welcoming everyone to the party, take some time to introduce the judges and review the contest categories. Give each guest one minute to talk about and display their ghostly garb and background. Let each guest choose a song to come out to, like baseball players when they approach the plate. 

Prizes & Rewards

 At the end of the party, give the judges some time to review their notes, make a decision, and then announce the winners! Make the contest extra special and send winners a Congratulations eCard or Happy Halloween eCard with a digital gift card as their prize for winning.

The best part of Halloween for kids and adults alike is dressing up in fun costumes! Even though you may not be able to celebrate traditionally this year doesn’t mean you can’t show off thoughtful and creative Halloween costumes and have fun. Happy Halloween!

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